Creative Writing: My Favorite Painting

The painting was painted in Italy. The painting shows a modern woman who is walking alone in the rain with an umbrella from the back. The woman can be said to be modern due to the type of cloths that she is wearing and the type of shoes in her feet. The woman is wearing a bold red dress and black shoes and carrying a white umbrella.  Red dress is a bold statement showing that one is very confident. The lady in the photo seems very confident as she is wearing a figure hugging short red dress with black high-heeled shoes. She certainly knows and understands how to dress her body. The fact that she is not looking back, shows that she is walking away from something and never going back to it.  The woman also appears to be curvy and not afraid to show those curves to the world. She looks like an empowered woman who understands herself and does not require validation from the world. Her face cannot be seen and this gives the person looking at the photo the freedom to imagine anyone in that position. It gives freedom to the people to be more imaginative.

The woman is walking in the rain, which could be taken to mean that she is living a turbulent life with many problems. Rain in most cases is used to either signify existence of problems or a carefree world. However, in this case the explanation of problems is more appropriate. The woman in the painting is covering herself with a white umbrella against the rain. She protects herself from the rain. Despite all the problems coming at her, she is able to keep them off or deal with them appropriately. An umbrella is used to protect one from the fury of rains and therefore hence in this case it can be seen as a mechanism through which the woman protects herself from the troubles. The umbrella in this case is white in color. White is mostly used to signify peace and serenity. The white umbrella is protecting the lady in a red dress from the furious rains.

The woman appears to have very strong resolve. She is not looking back and she is walking away from the things that she seemingly does not like. Judging from her choice of clothing, she is very confident with her choice. Her clothes also show that she is a very fashionable woman moving with the current trends. The mood of the photo is serene. The woman seems to be at peace with herself and comfortable with her surroundings. She is embracing the realities of life with the strength she has. She is showing that she can be successful in what she does as long as she puts her mind to it. The road that she is walking on seems to have been deserted, as she is alone. This could give her the peace of mind she wants, as there are no people to distract her from her mission. She is walking away from the things that destroy her peace of mind and steal her joy. She is walking away from the troubles that can be avoided to fight battles that are necessary. She seems to have put her past behind and ready to take on new adventures.

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