Critical Poem Analysis

Poetry as a genre of English is the most expressive and descriptive of them all and the communication vessels are the poems and the poet as a narrator. Besides the characteristic origin of a poem and the author’s role and intention, there are other properties of a poem that aid in understanding the message as well as flow and structure. These components include the vocabulary utilized, the commonly used class of words, setting descriptions, rhyme and rhyme scheme as well as structure.

The vocabulary used in this poem is descriptive of the environmental setting.  Also, the poet is keen to use language references that are specific to the country of origin of the poem. For example, a native or an individual with knowledge on the properties specific to a country, the use and references to specific aspects such as wattles and bees would trigger the picture of Ireland thus putting the poem into perspective. In terms of grammar, adjectives are the most dominant class of words utilized throughout the poem as compared to nouns and verbs which are used a bit more sparingly. Words such as lapping and low are used to give the picture of the lake water and the poet goes further to include his perception through hearing in the deep heart’s core. Through the theme of this poem, determined as that of the poet’s desire for a better life for themselves, the main points are brought forth through descriptions of feelings hence making most of the words abstract rather than concrete. Concrete words include innisfree, cabin and cricket while the abstracts are like roadway and pavements grey. The structure of this poem is more thematic than it is formal. Instead of the flow of the story strictly adhering to common word formats, the story of the poet’s desire flows continuously from stanza to stanza, from the moment of arising to the peace near the lake waters. The poem does not exhibit a particular or easy to note rhymes scheme but through the flow of descriptions in every stanza, a rhythm of calmness and compulsion is noticeable. Through the vocal presentation, the calm and free-flowing nature is incorporated into the rhythm.

Conclusively, the poem of Lake Isle and the Short story “A painful case” paint different pictures of Ireland and the Irish at large. While the former is intent on describing the setting as a place where peace can be sought, the latter represents the picture of a place full of adventure and memories through the tales of Dublin and the role the events played in shaping the protagonist’s way of life and thinking regarding his environment.


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