Making Prostitution Illegal Endangers Prostitutes. Outline


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of legal issues in prostitution
  3. Overview of the research paper and how the research objectives will be attained
  4. Thesis
  5. The dangers of illegalizing prostitution
  6. History behind legalizing prostitution
  7. Challenges related to legalizing prostitution
  8. How legalizing prostitution affects the society
  9. Potential advantages of legalizing prostitution to the individuals and the society
  10. Possible solutions to address the issue of the threats of legal prostitution

  • Literature Synthesis
  1. Exploratory/conceptual literature on the dangers of illegalizing prostitution
  2. Summary or overview of each explanation or concept
  3. Theoretical relevance of the benefits of legalizing prostitution
  4. Utility or application of the conceptual findings to the threats of legal prostitution
  5. Analysis of empirical literature on the dangers of illegal prostitution
  6. Synopsis of the empirical research on the dangers of illegal prostitution
  7. Methodology summary of each empirical research
  8. Summary of major findings associated with the risks of illegalizing prostitution
  9. Research critique for each study
  10. Literature review summary – comprehensive summary of the suitable findings (empirical, exploratory, conceptual/theoretical)
  11. Study Recommendations
  12. Lessons learnt from the study
  13. Relevant recommendations
  14. The population or groups to whom the findings and recommendations will impact
  15. Research Limitations
  16. Summary and Conclusions
  17. Restatement of the significance of the research topic
  18. Recap of the thesis statement
  19. Viable conclusions founded on the evidence derived from the analyzed pieces of literature
  • References

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