BSW Interview Paper

Section 1

The experience of trying to find someone to interview is largely hectic especially when it has to be conducted in an entirely new environment. Firstly, one has to look for the most suitable individuals. Even where an inquiry needs to consider random submissions, it is necessary to locate the people that would be most willing to offer a non-biases feedback. Secondly, it is often difficult to infringe on the privacy of others, even where the exercise appears to establish an essential issue in society. I have to make up to 30 calls to secure the interview. Most of the dials were intended to act as follow-ups. A large proportion of the prospective interviews were either too committed or were not sure of what to submit at the time of initial constant. It was both uneasy and weird asking a stranger for help. It is not something I usually do, but a result of a necessity. It was quite frustrating when most of the call went unanswered. The consumer would definitely have the same feelings if they faced any indications of ignorance, lack of professionalism, and discomfort. They would want to be in an environment that sustains their individual interest. They would also require comprehensive and timely support services.

Section 2

Madelyn has recently graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Social Work. She has mainly worked as a social worker commencing at West Bloomfield Health and Rehabilitation. She works with all the categories of patients including those requiring long-term or short-term rehabilitation services. Most of her works entail the assessment of residents. She delves into the cognitive and emotional needs of the patients. West Bloomfield Health and Rehabilitation has enabled her to explore higher levels of the career. She has occasionally served as the discharge planner and assists the patients and their families. However, most of the clients are the elderly, above 70 years old. While West Bloomfield Health and Rehabilitation has worked well, it has been a subject of controversy largely owed to contentions with the insurance companies. It is not clear about what extent the insurance firms should go in financing the medication needs of the patients. Madelyn has played a major role in the institution, especially regarding discharge planning. The micro, mezzo and macro levels can all be seen in the project. The micro level regards the patients and the residents constantly seeking social work services. On the other hand, the facility is largely macro and mezzo.

Section 3

I learned multiple things throughout the exercise and the functioning of the agency. Firstly, social work is highly sensitive and requires aggressive individuals. It is essential to establish the feeling an interests of the public to improve service delivery. Besides, the community should be at the center of any policy framework, especially regarding health issues. I felt encouraged during the interview. Even though it started roughly, I discovered ways of connecting with the public. The facility has also improved over the years. It is increasingly addressing the problem of the patients and the community as a whole. One cannot also rule out the dynamism of the health sector. It is the basis of progress in the community as people strive to address various challenges. Social workers should be at the forefront of establishing a sound community.

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