The FDA should Impose strict rules on the dietary supplement


Attention:       I. With more than 23,000 people being taken to the emergency rooms each year and thousands into normal wards, it means that something is not right in the FDA regulation. And it should be tightened to reduce or eliminate the cases.

  1. Being healthy is influenced by eating a healthy diet which is balanced to ensure that the body is built and protected. However, financial constraints can cause people not to meet all the components of a balanced diet. To be able to supplement what they have, the cheaper option is the dietary supplements whose supply is growing day by day in the market.

Research shows that between half and two-thirds of the American population uses dietary supplements regularly. The phenomenon means that if the regulations are not tougher, a small mistake in the manufacture of the dietary supplements will be catastrophic and very many Americans should be affected

III.  The FDA should, therefore, impose strict rules to regulate the dietary supplements in the market so that the people of America will be safe at all times. Many Americans take dietary supplements either on a daily basis or occasionally to obtain minerals, vitamins and any other chemical composition which is missing in their bodies.

The current dietary supplements available are prescribed by the manufacturer or a health provider. With the increasing demand, however, the customers largely rely on the internet to obtain the prescription which is not standardized. Relying on FDA to make the rules even more strict will ensure that before a dietary supplement is introduced in the market, all the datasheets will be available and the misuse of the dietary products will decrease a great deal, and the level of hospitalization will generally decrease, and health will be promoted

  1. In this speech, I would wish to make it known to you that the current regulations FDA has in the dietary supplements are exposing you to risks and unless it is well reviewed and tightened, it will affect very many Americans.

We’ll start by looking at the reasons why the regulations should be tightened.


Need           II There are two main reasons why the regulations should be made tighte

  1.    The side effects of the dietary supplements are vast, and the ingredients of the same have a higher tendency of transferring illnesses such as cancer which will make life even more unbearable to the victims of the same
  2. Antioxidants are very notorious in reducing the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy. With the increase in the cases of cancer, individuals have only one hope in chemotherapy which can restore their health condition.
  3. The unregulated use of the supplements will make the users not to be healed by chemotherapy. The FDA has expert researchers and the necessary resources to ensure that all the ingredients are tested and confirmed before being released to the market. Tight regulation will ensure that all the factors are considered and the people will be safe and will use the dietary supplements with confidence.
  4. Antioxidants like the ones found in vitamin C and E
  5.   FDA was very silent when many people were hospitalized
  6. Regulations under the leadership of the FDA if well controlled will give the answer that the people of America need and the efficiency will increase.  When the regulations are tightened, it will ensure that all the powders, pills and liquids are known, and the adequate information required will be indicated and the side effects too
  7. The QR will then be linked to the medical database, and the customers will be able to access all the information they need about a product. With all the information in place, it will be very easy to identify harmful contents in the composition of the supplements and the corrective measures will be taken in time even before the effect is transferred to the people using the products
  8. The current laws that exist are compromised by the manufactures who are tycoons and can use their financial muscle to introduce dietary supplements in the market without the due procedure

Having said that, the following are the solutions that will be applied to make the dietary supplements are safer.

Satisfaction    III. The two main solutions which will result from tighter regulations are:

  1. FDA provides the GMP or the good manufacturing practices which will be followed during the process of using the dietary supplements The dietary supplements are being used today by very many people in the United States of America but still a lot of information is not very clear, and people have many questions that lack answers.
  2. GMPs will ensure that all the products meet the stipulated standards.
  3. The products are not medicinal and should never be used with prescribed drugs, or people can go to the extent of diagnosing themselves with diseases and treating themselves with the supplements which are very unhealthy and can cause very many effects
  4. Never take the supplements along with medicine.
  5. Never use the dietary supplement to diagnose yourself of any ailments
  6. self-prescription is prohibited
  7. proper dosage should come from some recognized health personnel.

The benefits of making the regulations tougher will have very positive results as shown below.

Visualization:   IV When the rules are made tougher, the citizens of America will benefit much from it.

  1. The FDA in the process of regulation will have an account and inventory of all the ingredients, and all the risks available in a supplement will be determined and controlled.
  2. All the harmful ingredients will be identified and controlled.
  3. Proper recommendation and precaution will be availed in all packages
  4. The FDA will give very positive results if the regulations are made tougher. The current valuable information about the uses of each and every supplement will be available whenever the user needs it.
  5. Tough regulations will assure the users of the supplements are safer. FDA is mandated to ensure that the foods Americans consumes are safe at all times
  6. FDA cannot guarantee safety to the Americans as presently constituted is because it has been so silent on reported cases of harmful effects of the Dietary supplements even though they passed through the scrutiny of the FDA.
  7. The Dietary Supplement Health Education Act which is mandated to be a watchdog has compromised itself, and the confidence has been lost because it has been controlled by fraud consumer laws. The result has been many reported cases of hospitalization and deaths as a result of the negligence and bending of the FDA rules.
  8. Making the rules tougher will ensure that many of the cases are reduced, and the people are safe.


Action:                V.   Take your time and study all the side effects of the dietary supplements you use, you will realize that most of them are not included in the label.

  1. Thank you for your time, I hope the information shared has been beneficial to you.
  2. Restate the importance of the problem & tie up what you have said so far.
  3. Let us all protect our loved ones from the effects of unregulated dietary supplements by being careful and inquisitive. The 23000 cases of people who were sent to the emergency ward could be you if the regulations are not tightened.

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