Visual Argument Essay

Are women second-class citizens? It is undeniably true that women have suffered all kinds of discrimination and have experienced poor treatment by every society across the globe. In as much as all nations across the world have offered their support to equal rights for women, there are still numerous forms of violence and discrimination against women.  Men are still more dominant than women in almost all facets of life. Women are still heavily oppressed by the patriarchal and sexist society that treats women as second-class citizens while their male counterparts as first-class citizens. On a daily basis, there are many harrowing stories of women going through discrimination, being perceived as sex pests, being treated like slaves, being told that their place is in the kitchen, and not being given a chance to minister in religions. This argumentative essay seeks to critically analyze an image that portrays women as second-class citizens based on logos, pathos, and ethos.

The image appeals to logic as it persuades the viewers with credible facts and reason. The image depicts a woman that appears to be deprived of some rights. It portrays the woman as a second-class citizen. It has significant evidence to ascertain this. First, the woman’s mouth has been tied and cannot talk an illustration that they do not have a voice in the society. It portrays them that they can only see, hear but their view to the society is limited. The image shows a google search of what women should comprise of, and the google results are shocking. From the image, the search engine’s autocompleted guesses imply that women should not minister in the church, should not be slaves and deserve kitchen chores. All the first four Google search guesses portray women as minorities in society. There is only one positive guess which is at the bottom of the google guesses. The result stimulates that; they need to be able to decide. The evidences denotes that women are discriminated and not treated equally in the society if the autocomplete guesses is something to consider. The evidence is logic because these are some of the perceptions of what women should be in some societies across the world. Furthermore, the image has the copyrights of the UN depicting that it is credible.

The image appeals to emotion as it creates an emotional response to a convincing story. The image consists of a woman that appears to have nothing give them happiness. The visual invokes sadness and disgust. The woman appearance is full of sorrow showing that she has nothing to celebrate and be happy. The words from the visuals have a substantial emotional impact as they intrigue pity to women. It is evident that the world associates women with negative things or discrimination, a vice that the society should have eradicated.

The visual has a strong appeal to ethics. A woman is behind the visual and is the focus of attention. The individual is credible because it is of a woman that appears not to get individual freedoms such as a voice based on the fact that her mouth has been shut.  At the bottom of the visual, there is a UN logo ascertaining the credibility of the visual. Consequently, the google search engine is evidence that makes the visual trustworthy because it is something that cannot represent a diverse view from different sources and backgrounds.

In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that in as much as there is overwhelming support for equality in the society, there are still many aspects of discrimination against the women and being treated as second-class citizens. The above visual is highly effective as it appeals to not only the logos but also to ethos and pathos.

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