About Me Blog Post

Describing oneself is always challenging because some people like me are still in the process of discovering ourselves. On the other hand, space is often quite limited as compared to all the things we want to say about ourselves. Nonetheless, one can always take the middle road and that is the option I choose here. I am Krista and my academic qualifications are as diverse as my personality and interests. Before obtaining my TEFL/TESOL Certification from University of Cambridge in 2012, I did my MBA from Franklin Pierce University in 2004 and obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Keene State College in 2001. But I am not done yet with my academic career and am currently pursuing my Master of Library Science degree from Texas Woman’s University.

One could be forgiven to assume that I pursued college degrees without having a proper idea of what I wanted to do with my life and it may be true to some extent but such an approach has also been inspired by my philosophy of discovering myself through experiences. My academic experience has indeed helped me discover that I love learning and I love teaching. In addition, to working as an accountant for a real estate firm, I have also been a high school and college instructor of history and business administration. I later travelled around Germany for about a year and learnt German. Even my present career as a freelance technical writer, editor, and communications specialist reflects my free-spirited nature. I have also lately realized that my academic choices have proven to be blessings in disguise because soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, and creativity are increasingly growing in importance as a result of globalization. Thus, my academic and professional experiences have prepared me well for the near future and my inquisitive nature means I will continue to acquire new knowledge to stay competitive.

My choices regarding college majors have turned out to be the right ones but what made the difference is my attitude towards life and the ability to think independently. Even now I am often told that my decision to pursue Master in Library Science is a mistake because libraries will only decline in the age of Google and internet. I believe that the criticism is primarily driven by outdated assumptions. One of the defining features of current times is easy access to information which has led to information overload. The information is only as good as its practical application and the task of the librarians will evolve to include information management. Information has become one of the most valuable commodities in business and anyone with superior information management skills will be in high demand in several industries.

I also have made mistakes but I always take them as amusements that teach me something about life and prepare me for greater achievements in the future. One of the things I have learnt from the lives of successful people is that they are not defined by their failures but their achievements and once they have proven themselves, even their failures are glorified. I hope my failures are as much celebrated as my achievements because I don’t want to inspire others to succeed only but also to think independently. As long as there is drive, one gets to his/her destination one way or the other.