Advantages and disadvantages of using smart phones

Effective communication between clinicians, physicians and patients to facilitate connection among each other is of great significant. It aid in providing quality health care to patients. The use of smart phones has improved communication as it provide multiple communication modalities, for example in dealing with urgent issues direct phone calls helps to save time, and it is not like in the use of a page where one has to wait for an answer. In dealing with non urgent issues the counterparts were contacted through email, this is a reliable means since the recipient will be reached and message delivered despite his absence in the work workplace.

Efficiency is realized with the use of smart phones system. Nurses no longer encounter difficulties in waiting for telephone reply, required with paging. Nurses and health professionals have enjoyed quick response and improved accessibility to physicians this facilitate fast attendance to the patient.

Use of Smart phones to send emails have contributed to easier location of residents. Smartphone systems allow direct and immediate communication by phone with doctors concerning urgent issues enabling them find solution. This has resulted in saving much life’s.

Although smart phones have the above mentioned advantages it also has its demerits. Smart phones give rise to interruptions; this is realized through increase number of messages and call received. This bring disturbances which ends to poor provision of health services to the patient.

Smart phone system has also interfered with inter professional relationships; it has reduced chances for face to face interactions. It becomes difficult to build inter professional relationship through new technology.


Adoption of smart phones has improved efficiency over use of pagers for doctors, nurses, and health professionals. What is recommended is the need to come up with the communication intervention that equates efficiency and interruption and improving inter professional relationship.


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