An Attempt to Define Language Evolution through Readings

Language is specifically a unique distinction of humans apart from other creations. The complexity in the manners by which humans intend to acquire language and later on direct it towards the evolution of matters specifically provide a considerable indication of such human distinction. For instance Jackendoff intended to define such consideration based on the nine ordered steps of language development based on human distinction regarding speech and communication. Protolanguage, being the first step, involves the condition by which one recognizes a new language and embraces it without the syntax structure and all the complexities involving it. in relation to this, he uses the idea of Bickerson which defines the human capability to understand the language as it is and become more  involved in the language as they become familiarized with the said form s of speech. In a way, this is what separates Homosapiens with Neanderthals as they are already able to establish structure of speech, which makes it easier for the words to be defined by their meaning and their use in a particular sentence. Such structure continues to change over time based on social changes. This is the reason why every now and then, several new words are added into the dictionary based on how the society recognizes the said terms in relation to the different changes of situations in the society.

Tattersal, Christiansen and Kirby all define language as an evolutionary system that corresponds with the cognitive being of human individuals. Relatively, this means that the way the brain works coincides with the capacity of language to provide humans with the identity that they deserve to incur based on the language that they use for speech and communication. Through the use of interdisciplinary collaborations, language structure becomes more complex and the speech more effective in conveying exact and accurate message based on what the speaker hopes to send to the intended listeners. Such an evolution defines humanity and the developing designs of their brains which are capable of creating and defining complexity as a major part of their individual progress.


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