Analyzing the Muhammad from the Koran by N.J, Dawwood

The Muslim belief in Muhammad, the chosen one, is dictated by the Koran.  N.J. Dawwood translated this word of God which was revealed to the profit Mohammad.  Currently the antithesis is political Islam.  The state is being criticized for its materialism and impiety.  A direct contradiction to the Muslim religion as dictated in the Koran.  It is not that the state and religion of Islam is incompatible, but the differences in sources have a significant impact on each other.

As one of the main religious figures in the Muslim religion is Muhammad, and he had many followers.  Muhammad was able to teach and persuade his believers based on war and religious obligation.  At first, when Muhammad received his orders from God, there was minimal acceptance of its validity outside of his family.  As he traveled and continued to speak, he slowly gained followers.  He was faced with the military encounter of pagan opponents, which lead to the battle of Bedr.  Defeating this Mecca army lead to many new religious followers and established Muslims as a prominent new religion.  The second method he used in persuasion was direct quotes from God.  Being the chosen one for God to speak to, he held an important message for his followers.

Both of these methods used by Muhammad are persuasive.  Winning a war reflected Muhammad’s dominance or strength.  Very few would argue with power if they knew there would be no potential for winning.  Fear can be a big motivation for many, whether it is right or wrong.  The second method was being a spokes person for God.  There are very few who would feel ok with challenging God’s word and direction.  The chance of negative repercussion could be excessive, making it more beneficial to follow the direction than ignore them.  This could be considered successful persuasion based on responsibility or obligation.