Annotated Bibliography for Sustainable Development

IISD (1997) Assessing Sustainable Development: Principles in Practice. Web. The detailed working research paper is providing international guidelines for creating sustainable development projects. Measuring sustainability and creating guidelines for policymakers   is important, especially in the case of developing countries. The authors review the current approaches to policy-making on an international level. Focusing on the social, economic, environment” model initially, the benefits can be maximized for the county,  communities and the environment at the same time. The review of the Bellagio Principles of sustainability assessment is useful for the current project, providing an evaluation   framework and suitable measurements.

Harris, J. (2000) G-DAE Working Paper No. 00-04: Basic Principles of Sustainable Development. Web.   The article provides the basic principles of sustainable development, defining the new paradigm which focuses on the economical, environmental and social benefits at the same time. Through creating a synthesis of perspectives, governments and authorities can maximize the benefits of sustainable development for communities, the economy and the Eco-system as well. Focusing on different perspectives, such as renewable energy, industries and their effects, agriculture, fishing and energy should serve as the basis of every sustainable development policy.

“Sustainable Development in South Africa. Introduction to Basic Concepts” Web. The research   paper was highly relevant to the project, as it covered the past and future policies of   South Africa’s development. As tourism and agriculture, as well as fishing are equally important in the life of the country, the authors have provided a clear guideline on how to create a balance between improving the economy and preserving national values.           Protecting rural and underdeveloped communities, providing them with infrastructure to improve their living conditions, preserving Eco-systems and managing the use of land/coastline were among the main ideas introduced in the paper.

“White Paper for Sustainable Coastal Development in South Africa” (2000) Web. The white paper provides data on the coastal area of South Africa, determining the main focus of sustainable developments. Providing legal and institutional context for consideration, highlighting the main challenges of coastal management and policy creation, the white paper is a valuable resource to evaluate the responsibilities of local governments, involving research communities and implementing existing policies into the new regulations regarding the use of coastal land; providing safe access to all who are using the nature’s resources in a controlled way.