Annotated Bibliography (Religion)

Everly, George S., Jr., PhD.   “Pastoral Crisis Intervention: Toward a Definition”

International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 2000, 2(2), 69-71J. This article explores what the author calls, “pastoral crisis intervention”, a concept where the healing factors of pastoral care are integrated with traditional principles of secular crisis intervention. Everly discusses the unique aspects of pastoral care that are valuable during incidences of psychological turmoil and how integrating those aspects would improve crisis intervention of all manners.

Fox, Lori A.  “The Role of the Church in Career Guidance and Development: A
              Review of the Literature 1960 – Early 2000s’” Journal of Career
              Development, 29(3), 167-168.
The author examines relatedness between
              career and spirituality through literature written on the topic. The role
              the church can and does play in career guidance and development
              through church ministry programs is discussed. The author talks about
              how this role can be strengthened through the church’s ministry    

Handzo, George F.  “Best Practices in Professional Pastoral Care?”  Southern
             Medical Journal, 2006, 99(6), 663-664.
The author of this article attempts to
             convey the importance of ministering within the patient’s own belief
             system. It is a guide for volunteering clergy and clergy working in a
             community setting with patient’s and family of different religious
             backgrounds and beliefs.

Jones, Harold B., Jr. “Successful Pastoral Leadership Behaviors.” Journal of
             Ministry Marketing & Management, 1999, 4(2), 75-84.
In this article, the
             author explores the impact a pastor’s leadership qualities have on the
             growth and well-being of the church. Jones concludes that the pastor’s 
             ability to inspire a shared vision among the congregation is the most
             important quality. Other important factors to a pastor’s successful
             ministry within a church include charisma, serving as a model,  
             promotion of structure, and innovation.

Sunderland, RH. “The dignity of servanthood in pastoral care” The Journal of
              Pastoral Care and Counseling, 2003, 57(3), 269-279.
The author examines the
              biblical notion of servanthood to define the pastoral relationship of
              ministry, suggesting an approach of partnership between the pastor and
              the recipient. It is a relationship where each member has specific gifts to
              be acknowledged. The author also discusses how the notion of
              servanthood is also a nod to social order.