The various tests that could be utilized to diagnose appendicitis are as follows:

Physical Exam: The examiner applies a gentle pressure on the painful area. If the pain becomes more intense, it may be due to an inflamed peritoneum, confirming the presence of appendicitis. Other potential signs that emerge as a result of pressure over the inflamed appendix may include abdominal rigidity and stiffening of abdominal muscles (guarding).

Blood Test: If a CBC test indicates high white blood cell count, it may also be a sign of the infection.

C reactive Protein: High C reactive protein count along with high WBC count may also points towards appendicitis.

Urine Test: Since a patient is of childbearing age and sexually active, the urine test will eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. A urinalysis will also confirm that a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone isn’t causing the pain. If the microscopic examination of the urine reveals red blood cells, this may point towards a kidney stone.

Imaging Test: The recommended test for this patient is CT scan. The CT scan will help confirm the presence of an enlarged appendix.


The patient is a 46-year-old married woman who entered ER with right lower quadrant pain. Patient stated that the pain originated in the mid-abdominal region about 6 hours ago and has now moved to the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. The pain is steady in nature and is aggravated by coughing. In addition, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea also cause pain.

Physical examination reveals that the patient has a low-grade fever (38°C; 100.5°F) and is suffering from a pain on palpation at right lower quadrant (McBurney’s Sign). The patient appears to be unwell and her abdomen is tensed with generalized tenderness and guarding even though no bowel sounds are present. Given the observations made during the diagnosis stage, the most probable condition is acute appendicitis.


Surgery is the only treatment available to patients with acute appendicitis. There are two treatment options which are open method or appendectomy and laparoscopy.