Architecture Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed travelling because it doesn’t only expand your thinking horizon through exposure to other cultures but also enhances your creative potential. Whenever I visit other countries, I often take notes of the exterior and interior architecture. Over the years, I have observed that while exterior architecture usually attracts more attention, interior architecture is usually more challenging because of greater possibilities as well as variations in individual tastes. This is why I have decided to pursue my Masters in Architecture because it will provide me with greater creative room in both exterior and interior architecture.

I have worked in a wide range of capacities such as a Lab Test Assistant at API Lab Testing Limited (Hong Kong), Design Assistant at Sino Group (Hong Kong), and Design Assistant at Via Architecture (Hong Kong). These experiences have not only allowed me to acquire a diverse skill set but have also taught me valuable soft skills including communication, leadership, time management, and organization. In addition, my superiors and colleagues often praised my people and teamwork skills because I am equally comfortable with people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. In addition, I understand and appreciate individual differences which makes it easier for me to build rapport with the other person and enjoy his/her trust.

I want to focus on both exterior and interior architecture because I enjoy interacting with people. My career goal is to work with both large corporations as well as individual families in creating their dream exterior and interior architectures. I often find a huge contrast between exterior and interior architectures which send confusing messages about the owners of the building or home. While many architectures put more energy in exterior designs, I am particularly fascinated by interior architecture because the greatest potential for creativity is often working with limited resources and a small space. At the same time, large corporations often have vast resources so they allow you to push the boundaries of your imagination. This strategy may also be suited to the world of tomorrow when more and more buildings will be built in metropolitan cities such as Hong Kong City, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai, and London. In addition, the apartment sizes will only become smaller in order to accommodate the greatest possible number of residents within a residential building. I have already seen such examples in Hong Kong, China, and Japan. Such trends often require the designer to design interior architecture in such a manner that even small apartments seem spacious and personal. I believe the time could not have been more appropriate to pursue a career in architecture which is why I am excited by the opportunity to study at your institution.

Globalization has only increased cross-cultural exchange which is why I am determined to borrow design elements from all over the world in my future projects. People are always looking to express themselves through the places they work in or live in and my appreciation and passion for world cultures will give me a competitive edge. In addition, I will also have an edge when it comes to taking design assignments around the world.

I am particularly interested in this program because it has a history of producing graduates that have established themselves as one of the best in the industry. I also hope to learn through interaction with individuals from a diverse range of cultural and professional backgrounds. In addition, I am also excited at the idea of networking with industry leaders and benefitting from the university’s strong professional network that offers numerous internship opportunities.