AVON Benchmarking and Competitive Strategies

One specific aspect of Avon’s successful benchmarking system is the fact that it retains strong market branding which involves a centralized name that is notably recognized by the market they are aiming to serve. Relatively, this approach assisted the organization in gaining a better position in the market for many years. Innovation and research are also among the top elements that make a distinctive advantageous condition of development for the company as a whole. Notably, it could be seen that research has given a strong foundation of progress for the company as it tries to strongly define its marketing based from the changes that are occurring in the market. Carrying on the changing attitude of the market the company serves, the business advances accordingly to make a specific reputation in the industry.

When it comes to its competitors, most of them try to increase competence especially when it comes to innovative changes within and outside of the company. Relatively, such changes include product adjustment, market segmentation and increased attention on the most contrasting elements that define the overall behavior of the market. When it comes to the relation of the company members within the organization, making sure of direct selling strategies as the backbone of the release of the products they offer is a specific strategy to give attention to. Monitoring the growth of the entire industry gives them edge and following through such changes provides them the capacity to grow alongside the other organizations especially, that of Avon which is considered today as one of the fastest growing international cosmetic businesses in the industry. Overall, Avon remains to be among the most promising companies that are existing in the cosmetic industry whole L’oreal, Mary Kay and Revlon Inc follows through in terms of innovation and development so as to retain their name and probably expand like that of Avon’s current business strategy.


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