Criminal Justice

Bud and Wall Street

Differential Association Theory is reflected in the Buds character. This theory appears in the situation whereby Bud makes a visit to Gekko’s birthday and offered him a short interview that pitches stocks. However, Gekko is not impressed. After knowing that Gekko cannot run the business together, a quite desperate Bud offers him some ideas about Bluestar and from there Bud learns in casual talk from his dad (Canby & Vincent, 1987). Gekko informs Bud that he was is going to make a decision of it. Bud is very discouraged and he comes back to the office where he meets Gekko orders an item form Bluestar stock then considers one of Bud’s customers (Elbert & Roger, 1987).

The theory of Social Learning or Neutralization Technique doesn’t appear in Bud’s character. Bud makes up his mind to visit Bluestar’s stock prior to changing it down (Canby & Vincent, 1987). Bud and the presidents then schedule a secret meeting Wildman together with his friends and organizes that he purchases a regulating Bluestar’s interest at a favorable discount (Elbert & Roger, 1987). In this situation Gekko is begins to realize that this stock is plummeting, eventually draws his remaining in the firm as per Bud’s advice. However, as Gekko gets informed through the evening news that Wildman is purchasing Bluestar, he acknowledges that Bud facilitated the whole deal.

Within a very short period of time, Bud tackles Gekko in the Central Park. Gekko shouts to him about his role with Bluestar. He then strikes Bud and accused him of not appreciating the good things that he did to him. He is only interested in doing illicit things that never pleases Gekko (Elbert & Roger, 1987). Gekko was seen working with recording device. He wanted to record the happenings that was taking place between him and Gekko, After a couple of days, Bud’s parents takes him to the courthouse, and Carl informs him he did correct in saving the airline, although there is a possibility for him to go to prison (Elbert & Roger, 1987).



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