Business management

There are several trade groups and professional organizations related to business management. The Academy of International Business (AIB) is one of the leading organizations that encompass specialists and scholars in the field of business management. Started in 1959, the mission of this organization is facilitating networking and exchange of business ideas and knowledge at international level. Currently, it has over 3400 members in 81states from different parts of the world. For one to be a member, he/she must be a scholar from leading global institutions, consultants, government representatives, researchers, and NGO representatives. Since AIB was established, it has helped business people from all over the world to have new business ideas (Harris 2012). It achieves this through annual events organized to discuss challenges facing the business industry and best solutions for the same.

The Academy of Management is another organization committed to enhancing theory, education, research, and practice in the management field. This is the mission of this professional organization. The Academy produces five journals that aim at broadly contributing to its mission. The Academy of Management provides its members with up-to-date information in different management fields. In addition to journals, it publishes newsletters. Equally, it organizes annual meetings. Members are selected on a voluntary basis (Devinney & Pedersen 2012). Joining a professional business management organization has a number of benefits. Members get a chance to expand their professional network, increase awareness of the industry they are in, get current updates on the industry development and trends, get to access business newsletters, and discover what other companies in the industry are doing (Dicksee 2012). These benefits relate to the missions of both Academy of International Business and The Academy of Management. Both have mission to feed members with updated information in the field of management.


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