Cadbury Chocolate Bars

What are the ingredients? (start with cocoa)

The production of the Cadbury bars begins with the highest quality of cocoa beans containing 53% of cocoa as well as cocoa butter. Other ingredients include sugar, fresh full cream milk and condensed milk which are all cooked together to produce the creamy taste of Cadbury chocolate bars.

Where do the ingredients come from?

The best quality of cocoa, the primary ingredient in Cadbury chocolate, comes from Cote d’Ivoire as this region represents 40% of the total world production as at 2006, an amount that has increased (Witness, 3).

How are the ingredients produced?

The beans grow from the branches and trunk of the cocoa tree which can be as many as possible depending on the care. Upon maturity, the farmers then harvest by removing all the ripe pods from the plants and opening them to extract the beans. The harvests are done at regular intervals as seeds do not ripen at once.

What are the working conditions of the people who produce the cocoa?

Cote d’Ivoire is one of the most unstable nations in the world and the same reflects on the cocoa farms as most workers work for long hours under low wages. They also must endure the unbearable weather especially during harvests where they are required to reach a specific limit of the number of beans harvested.

How do the producers get the cocoa to market?

Producers then use the road or rail network to get the product to the local market while utilizing ships and other water modes for exports to other nations.

How are the prices set?

Prices of the cocoa beans are set depending on the resources invested including seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, government regulations, labor and transportation costs as there must be a profit to keep the farm running (Witness, 13).

Which international corporations dominate the chocolate trade?

The major global corporations in the chocolate market include Mondelez International, Mars, Nestle, Meiji, Hershey Foods and August Storck.

Who regulates the trade?

Trans Fair USA is a third-party NGO that works on regulates the chocolate industry to ensure that employees work under the right conditions and that the products are harvested and manufactured in ethical situations.

How is chocolate marketed?

The best way of marketing chocolate is by using other powerful brands to pass the message through social media, Television and print media.

Where did you buy the chocolate and How much profit does the store owner make on a chocolate bar?

I bought the Cadbury bar at Whole Foods for $9, and the store makes around $1-$2 profit from each of these bars.

Are there hidden costs in that are not included in the price you paid? (consider under payment of labor, environmental impact, government subsidies diet and indirect etc.)

I don’t think there are any other hidden costs as the price is inclusive of tax.

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