Choral Concert

The concert was a choral concert. There were outstanding choral recordings, thematic programming, highlights from competitions and detailed characteristics of significant choral composers and their musical pieces. The concert had many performers including Mary Hynes, Anthony O’ Daly, Lady Gregory, Douglas Hyde and The Coolin’. People were dressed in various fashions indicating that they were ready to have fun and relaxing moments from the concert. Many had longed for the concert because it had received a lot of publicity. The advertisers also mentioned that people would here different tunes from the original, so many people attended the concert with lots of expectations. The venue was filled with light that had different colors which made it to appear more beautiful. Various popular artists attended the concert, so everyone was delighted to see famous musicians in one setting. This concert was intriguing since different musicians played live choral music. Every musician displayed immense skill in performing choral music.

Compositions included I am the Rose of Sharon, The Road Home, At The Round Earth’s Imagined Corners, Tiempo para un tiempo, Balia Di Sehu, country dances, Chichester Psalms, Deep River, Johnny Schmoker, Wayfarin’ Stranger and My Soul Being Anchored in the Lord. I Am the Rose of Sharon was done in an American style that differed from folk tunes. The Road Home used the prospect melody. At the Round Earth’s imagined Corners was a religious poem. The Reincarnations were done in an Irish-English style. Tiempo Par Un Tiempo showcased Cuban rhythms and harmonies. Country Dances and the Chichester Psalms were acapellas.  The instruments used included electronic guitars, pianos, set of drums and trumpets. The transition of vocal to piano was uniquely done. The concert related to various musical aspects learnt in class because the performers displayed different genres and also proved that music lives forever.

All this categories of music was intriguing as people wanted to jump out of their seats and move to the stage. The audiences got a chance to listen to live performances of musicians such as William Billings, who is always remembered as the father of choral music. Each of this music had different styles of performance since they used different bands. The performers also had different styles of attire that matched their songs. There was also a mixture of meter and alternating voices to create drama and emotions in the words of songs. Musicians also converted words and music to life. This rekindled the presence of many legendary musicians.

The concert was intriguing and I enjoyed my self to the fullest. This is because there was proper organization and arrangement making it possible for every one to get a clear glimpse of the stage. The performers of different compositions were given chances making it possible for everyone to enjoy different sets of music. The music also had elements of historic music. The concert reminded the audience of various musicians whose music lives on till today. The concert also highlighted the different aspects in the musical world. The performers turned the songs into choral music to display their skill in the musical world. This was captivating because different songs were played with different tunes from the original. The transitions were unique and every performance left me yearning for more music. The concert changed my attitude to choral music because I always thought it was boring,