Communication Strategies

Communication strategies

Is it important to be objective when receiving feedback?

Feedback is essential part of communication process that normally occurs after an exchange of information has taken place. Feedback is important since it aid in letting people know how effective they are in whatsoever they are trying to attain. Feedback is effective way of knowing how respondent perceives the sender. It is through feedback that problem is solved. The attitude of objectivity makes feedback highly effective. Feedback should be viewed objectively whether positive or negative.

One should accept the feedback, whether encouraging or discouraging. For instance one should be objective when revising his/her rough draft to make it as effective as possible. Objectivity enables the writer to identify mistakes that he/she had not seen earlier; improving his work. All feedback are not positive, therefore objectivity enables one to be open minded and take in consideration the persons thought leading to better results. The attitude of being objective makes feedback more effective.

How does revision help with crafting a more organized essay? Why might the peer reviewer read your thesis and the first sentence of each body paragraph?

It is through revision that the writer correct mistakes concerning; punctuations, spelling, verb agreement through editing and proofreading.

Thesis and topic sentence are what draws the reader in. They are the basis for the paper and points out sense of paper structure and if not written well then it illustrates bad picture about your essay; poorly written. The conclusion is of significance as it portrays whether the writer say the same thing as the introduction.

Why is it hard to remain objective when you receive feedback about your writing? Why do we feel so intimately connected to our writing?

It is hard to remain objective especially when we receive negative feedback about what we have done/produced. It is normally much encouraging receiving compliments than disagreements. Compliments as we all know points out that we are on the right path. Negative feedback shows things are inappropriate and so need to worry.

We feel so intimately connected to our writing because we acknowledge our efforts; writing is a task and needs commitment. Every writer is always proud of his work since he knows it is his/her own contribution. Every writer is sure that the work he/she produce is good basing on is skills and provided he does thorough research. It’s difficult to adjust to opinions of others, we tend to react defensively. One of the vital aspects that need to be constantly nourished to condition the mind and to regulate the emotions that can grow is the act of being non-personal.

Response concerning feedback received from peers.

Yes. It is important to be objective when receiving feedback on an essay. Sometimes we feel the peer’s criticism is not worth. In this case we should be opening minded and take their thoughts in consideration .We should adhere strictly to what we are instructed to do and I must say it works wonders, eventually one get to develop good essay. It is also recommended that the writer should air out his/her dissatisfaction.

Response concerning adherence to the feedback

The writer’s aim of giving out his work to outsider to help with revision is to get opinions and be corrected. It’s important to be objective when receiving feedback and never ignore any comment. The writer realizes that there exist minor mistakes that he/she could not figure out. The reviewer’s assistance is of significance so long as the writer takes the feedback objectively and fixes the problems. Objectivity has made number of writers produce good essays.

There is no science to how long paragraphs should be, what techniques do you use or will you uses to ensure that your paragraphs are an appropriate length?

Writer should ensure his/her paragraphs are of appropriate length. Writer should ensure that entire paragraph points out single concern. When the paragraph starts with a single focus it should also end with same ideas.

Paragraphs should begin with introductory sentence which portrays subject of that paragraph. Sometimes writer finds his/her paragraph is too long to curb this; ideas should be logically and sequentially organized. Paragraphs should be of same length all through the essay. One vital element that makes feedback highly effective is the attitude of being objective. Feedbacks typically exist and are given to boost one’s confidence in the performance of the tasks being assigned. Whether it is a positive or a negative one, feedbacks should always be viewed in an objective, and definitely non-personal manner.

Short paragraphs arise as a result of insufficient idea development. Writer should use examples and illustrations, cite data, examine testimony, and use anecdote or story.

Respond on issue of long paragraphs.

Although there is no limit on how long paragraph should be. Addition of irrelevant and unnecessary information leads to build up of long paragraphs which have no focus. Irrelevant information cause ones argument to loose force. The reader will lose interest to read your article and this becomes a minus. Writer should avoid straying off the point. Stick to the point and adhere to concise and clarity. Feedbacks should be taken positively and with no strings attached.

If you were providing feedback to a peer on his/her essay how would you go about doing it? How can you present the suggestion so that he/she will be receptive?

When delivering feedback to a peer concerning his/her essay I will ensure that the critique focus on just one issue at a time and begin broadly getting more precise as conversation proceed will use “I” language and be balanced with some positive points. Will use questions since it gives the peer opportunity to respond and participate. It also facilitates two way communications. Being objective remains to be one of the most effective ways for one to grow holistically.