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  1. A hook is very important in any essay because it will arouse the interest of the reader to a great extent. Nonetheless, the hook does not have to be a perfect one. Although some topic may seem uninteresting to some readers, the identification of that hook might make them read a story that looked boring there before. This is because it is responsible for grabbing the attention of the reader within a spur-of-a-moment. It all relies upon the writer to make his otherwise uninteresting topic to be interesting by coming up with a hook in the first paragraph of the text and preferably in the first sentence. You can begin your hook by asking three rhetorical questions in a row or by stating three startling facts in succession. Alternatively, you can use an anecdote (a short story) to reinforce the argument you are trying to bring out in your paper.

  1. The best way to make a writers’ piece of works to be respected is for the writers themselves to be more thoughtful of the approaches they take with regards to their writing. A writer should be cautious about the manners showcased in the introductory part of the work. Decent writers understand that there are people with divergent views as part of their audience, thus they avoid shunning them for the ideas they hold dearly.
  1. It is required of the writer to incorporate a high degree of veneration and courtesy as a means of attracting readers to read the essay. The attitude brought out as a result of tone usage should not be of spite. A lot of sensitivity should be employed here and the writer should consider the feeling of the people involved either directly or indirectly in that issue. This will guarantee that some groups of people are not upset.
  2. The essay should be written in formal style, therefore the use of clichés and slangs should be avoided. Your language should be simple for clarity and accuracy in the expression of ideas. You should support your argument with evidence. You should critically interpret the information from research materials to help you support your evidence. Make sure that you quote other people’s ideas and not make them yours by lifting. Assess the information collected carefully to know where it fits and how it joins other bits. Be very specific and if there are counter-arguments, you should also use them. The last part is for you to edit and then proofread. It serves the purpose of ensuring that all points are in place and mistakes are corrected. At this final stage, reading your essay aloud will help you to focus on every word thus making it easier for you to identify common mistakes.

Assignment 2

  1. The funnel technique is a method of asking questions that begin at a very general level and gradually become a little more specific. It is a way to clarify details and hone in on a specific point and draws the audience deeper into the questioning as the level of detail progresses. It is beneficial especially because the person being questioned is able to gain self-confidence and focus his or her attention on what is being asked of them. Closed questions, questions with one correct response, are used at first and as the level progress open questions, where different answers are possible, are then asked to uncover the specific detail. The main idea is to gradually draw into the most valuable element of the whole conversation. This technique is useful to find out more detail about something specific. It is not as useful if the beginning level is too large.
  2. The author meant that even though you as the writer are presenting your own stand on topic, your goal is for the audience to absorb the information, to be swayed on your own position, or to enjoy the material being presented. Thus you as the writer have the freedom to engage the audience in experience things from your own point of view. In order to ensure that this happens, the writer needs to consider the psychological makeup of the audience they mean to reach. He or she should certify that his targeted audience is ready to take in that kind of information at that particular point. When a writer formats their introduction to “make use of psychology” (p.20), they are considering which technique to introduce, such as the funnel technique, will most effectively draw and hold their audience’s attention and guide them eagerly into the body of the paper.
  1. The most effective way of ending an essay is to give a summary of the main points in the text. This will give the paper a very nice closure by making sure that the reader is contented with the exhaustion of the topic under discussion. However, this should always be straight to the point. Key areas are highlighted but with the precaution of not sounding too repetitive to the irritation of the reader. The writer can reaffirm the ideas with a different wording. The writer should not repeat word by word because will only portray his or her sluggishness. Most importantly, the conclusion should leave the reader meditative about the gist of the essay from the writer’s point of view. People tend to remember things learned recent as well as those learned first. In this case, a reference to the introduction will not be of any harm so long as not is precise to the point.
  1. Good manners entail considering the feelings of others through being courteous and polite. Perhaps the saying that manners make our world to go around has more into it than we ever imagine. A good-mannered writer is one who is sensitive to all of the audiences. This is achieved through considering their feelings of the readers and is shown through writing. The writer understands that people from all walks of life as well as ages can get access to this important weapon thus sieves through his or her choice of words so that no age group of category of  individuals is offended by the work unreasonably. This displays respect for others in the surrounding and accords the same to all members in the society because the set standards in your writing show an outstanding behavior. Manners make a good impression and are used every day, which leaves individuals feeling good.
  1. A conclusion is a very important part of an essay so it should be well arranged so as to attract the attention of the reader. The significance of the topic under discussion should be well brought out in this part of the essay. Key points are of great value at this point because the readers will be reminded of them hence they are unlikely to forget. A final categorical statement can also serve this purpose.
  1. Although there are a number of formatting types present today, I still find the APA format a better choice to go for. First of all, it is used by most scholars and thus more people are familiar with it. Above all, this format is easier for learners to use unlike some others formats that tend to be a bit tedious in their usage. The font size for the essay should be twelve (12) while as for the font type; writers should go for Times New Roman. Academically, it looks very presentable since it does not utilize too much fanciness. The normal spacing under APA is two (2) i.e. double spacing. With this spacing, writers do not have to endure the pain of writing numerous words to fill a single page. Just only two hundred and seventy five (275) words are enough to fill a page. This becomes a great relief to the writer.