Demonstrating Achievement of Core Competencies for the Registered Nurse

My experiences and success in the nursing profession to date have been very beneficial in my efforts to support patients and their wellbeing. I believe that nursing is my vocation and my career path and is what I am most passionate about in my life. I have experienced many rough challenges in my personal life and have discovered that I am most comfortable and spiritually aligned with nursing and with my patients. At this stage of my career, I am committed to completing my education and achieving optimal success and achievement as an OR nurse. My family has been instrumental in supporting this decision and my professional vocation and I am grateful for their love, guidance, and continued support in this challenging yet highly rewarding journey down my career path.

There is a strong and unwavering spiritual component to nursing practice which supports all types of care and treatment. As a practicing nurse, I believe that the use of FICA (faith and belief, importance, community, and address in care) are critical in establishing relationships with patients based on trust and mutual respect. I have experienced this benefit in my relationships with many patients and our mutual support of spirituality has guided care and treatment delivery in important ways. I am very spiritual in my personal life and attend church services regularly; therefore, I am committed to providing spiritual strength and guidance to my patients as best as I can. This practice allows my patients to experience a greater sense of comfort and fellowship as I provide them the necessary care and treatment.

In my profession, practice makes perfect. However, conditions and other circumstances may arise which put a damper on progress and growth.  As a nurse, I am on a continuous journey of knowledge and experience and along the way, I encounter the rules of life, practical life lessons which support my path and direction in all areas of my own being. My mother instilled many core values which I use to this day to support my career path and with every patient that I treat.   I have learned throughout my nursing career that there are significant challenges that nurses must experience to improve their overall practice and professional growth. The rules of life serve as driving forces in this process and influence how decisions are made. My own experiences as a nurse have been rewarding, yet I have also learned a number of lessons which continue to influence how I interact with my patients. As I make even the smallest mistakes or errors in judgment, I am taking those missteps and moving forward on a better path so I do not repeat them in the future.

In my experiences as a nurse, I continuously face ethical questions and dilemmas that drive my decisions as a practitioner. I must recognize that these patterns reflect a number of challenging circumstances and difficulties that are instrumental in shaping how I treat my patients and interact with their families. I realize that nursing is a balancing act between practical decision making, policy, and ethical frameworks; therefore, I must take each event and learn from it to improve my own ethical conscience and framework as best as possible. Ethical decision-making is part of every person’s core being, but it is often very difficult to make decisions if there are external influences setting the tone for the encounter. Therefore, I remain committed to my ethical framework and to making decisions that will positively impact my patients and their wellbeing at all times.

As a nurse, I am a steward of the profession and its capacity to help others in need of medical attention and support. It is critical that I continue my practice in alignment with the needs of the profession and as a steward, or spokesperson, for the nursing profession and the good that it provides. Nursing is a complicated profession, but it is highly rewarding and particularly insightful in the areas of stewardship and in providing patients with much-needed care and support. These elements influence the manner in which I interact with each and every patient to improve outcomes for all patients in a manner that is consistent with nursing practice objectives and ethical frameworks.

I take all required core competencies seriously; however, the two that are most relevant to my current trajectory are Information Management and Patient Care Technology and Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Health Outcomes (King College). The former requires expert training in all information systems and computer-based technologies so that the quality of patient care is optimized at all times. In addition, the latter is critical because it demonstrates my commitment to openly communicating with my colleagues regarding a variety of concerns that will contribute to effective outcomes in all areas of nursing practice. Without effective communication in place, it is likely that the quality of patient care will suffer over time.

My mission statement as a practicing nurse is to be the best that I can for all of my patients and to take my role seriously at all times. Nursing is a challenging yet extremely rewarding profession that provides many real benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Throughout my life, I have faced adversity and have overcome these challenges with grace, and have learned something new each time. I am committed to providing my patients with a compassionate and rewarding experience in each setting. This will enable me to achieve greater outcomes as a professional nurse and to offer my patients an environment that will support their recovery and wellbeing.

Nursing is a complex and intricate profession on many levels, but it provides significant benefits in different ways. It is expected that these opportunities will come and go through unique experiences, but they will also demonstrate my steadfast and unwavering dedication to my patients. My family has served as my spiritual guide and primary support system, and I strive to make them proud with the work that I perform as a nurse. This benefit is tremendous and provides significant support for my needs in all areas of practice. This environment provides an opportunity to make the most of myself as a nurse and in my personal life, even under stressful conditions. My practice depends on my ability to succeed in all of my activities in this manner.