Dimensions of Holistic Marketing

Socially responsible marketing is often considered to be the overall condition of good marketing that defines the principles of the 10 commandments of marketing. The reason behind this is that this dimension of marketing comes from an internal assumption of success towards the external results of the process. For instance, the social responsibility of marketing does not begin outside of the company, but instead inside its specific management core. Directing the people of the company on what they should do and how they should handle a particular marketing task is the beginning of the process. This process consists of making sure that the approach used is directed towards good marketing conditions that would not only improve the recognition of the company as a whole but also that of its people as individuals working for the organization.

Along the way, the creation of marketing campaigns that are expected to make a distinction on how the company’s reputation is to be established involves the assumption of the recognizable responsibility of the company towards the society. The question on how the campaign responds to the needs of the people in the community that the company serves echoes the concern that the business has towards the people as a whole. Mirroring the success of the campaign through the working satisfaction of the people within the company and the reflective response of the people in the market echoes the overall condition of marketing that is used in a particular business.  Overall, developing a socially responsible process of marketing in a business avenue creates more than just an advertising operation. Instead, it creates a specific source of confidence in an organization and a source of loyalty and trust that is developed from the market as it intends to respond to the campaign that is being introduced by the companies in the industry.