Computer Science

Diversity of Computer Science

Computer has been a discipline of great interest since childhood. It is a field that has propelled South Vietnam, my place of birth, to unimaginable heights of technological developments. Despite the many opportunities that the discipline presents, the challenge of underrepresentation of certain groups in computer science job opportunities and degree has become a major drawback in the recent past. Vietnamese women, to be specific, continue to face unique social and structural barriers in both the access as well as the exposure to the broad range of opportunities that this field of study bpresentes. I believe that perusing a computer science program at your university will open a new ray of hope and opportunity of bridging the representation gap in the field.

Despite my move to the North, I have witnessed the benefits of Computer science. Considering the benefits attributed to this discipline, I would advocate the same in the South Vietnam where the incorporation of women in male dominated filed is yet to be embraced. There is the need for Vietnam to embrace this trend because Computer science has transformed the world in terms of technology. Countries that have embraced it, such as Japan, China, United States, U.K, and many are far most advanced nations in the entire world, and more so, all of the countries have embraced gender diversification in the sector.

It is such diversification in the field of Computer Science that has brought about some of the best discoveries in the world, such as Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group is one of the largest companies in the world, which almost 80 percent of the company is computer technology-based since it is an online shopping application. 47 Percent of the company employees are women who make up about 25,000 employees. One-third of the company founders are women as well as half of the senior and executive management. These are some of the qualities which have made the company to be ranked as one of the best companies globally as well as the fastest-growing firms. This is no different from South Vietnam. South       Vietnam had embraced a gender equality policy as compared to North, which was still stuck in the dark cultural ages, which never allowed women to venture into such careers.

The rationale behind pursuing this program at your institution revolves around the notion that the existing gap creates significant difference in opportunities to learn. As a result, this problem has increasingly continued to challenge not only educational leaders but also technology companies that wish to influence students to pursue Computer Science. I stand as a male interested in being part of this great responsibility of ensuring the girl child has access to this discipline in a simplified and interesting manner.

We live in an era of an ever-increasing technological advancements when almost everything we do is computer-based. While the majority of smartphone users are young women, it is such a reason that there is a need is a need to incorporate these women into the computer science field. Through the incorporation of women into this field, their use of such technologically-advanced devices will improve. In the recent past, women have been increasingly drawn to that direction to the extent that they have embraced the fields, which were highly dominated by their male counterparts. While this trend is highly witnessed in most developed nations as such as the US, there is a need to expand the use of technology among women to developing countries such as Vietnam. I believe that women empowerment in my area will bridge the existing gap and involve women in societal growth and development.

In conclusion, studying Computer science will be a part of the long journey towards realizing the goal of empowering women to pursue Computer Science. It is due to such experiences that developing nations as well as countries still in the cultural ropes of women being second in their societies to untie them and let women unleash their potential to ensure steady growth in those nations. Thus, I believe that actively taking part in the Computer Science field, I will be in a better opportunity to help in the facilitation of empowering women to become part of the growing body of knowledge in computer science.