Education: SLO 5 – Demonstrate effective written communication skills.

Artifact 1- Journal Article Review

Artifact 2- My Cultural Story

Journal Article Review (Artifact 1) and Cultural Story (Artifact 2) were chosen to demonstrate my effective written communication skills because I anticipated that by reviewing a journal article it would help me identify elements of communication applicable towards my fluent expression of ideas. Cultural story, I believed would also aid in expression, but at a different level and from another perspective. Essentially, I expected it to help me examine my cultural orientation in relation to written communication skills. Precisely, it related to the use of language. In my culture it is English articulation of grammar, sentence construction, diction and command of the written word.

Before commencing this course I could not critique a journal article with regards to the author’s fluency of expression. Inclusive in the course module the opportunity to review an article was offered.  ‘The Four Stages of Moral Development in Military Leaders’ by Joseph Thomas (2010) did pose a challenge for me a first timer.   However, I learnt to examine the tone of the writer in predicting his attitude during the discussion. Did he appear to be imposing his ideas on the reading audience or was his transmission of gentile? Did he engage in fallacious arguments or stimulated critical thinking skills? (Thomas, 2010).

Reviewing the article from these two basic premises helped me demonstrate my effective written communication skills. While I was doing this with his article I realized that when I write my articles students will scrutinize my expression in the same way. As such, it is imperative that I develop excellent written communication skills.

My culture story was another interesting experience. I learnt in the most profound manner that culture is “the deeply learned confluence of languages, values, beliefs and behaviors that pervade every aspect of a person’s life and it is continually undergoing changes” (Ginsberg & Vlodkowski, 2009, p. 9). I never knew this before starting the course module. It made me understand that my culture is also my language through which I communicate with students as interaction occurs daily.

Thereafter, I became conscious of how my culture as an American can impact education delivery to students who may be Hispanics; Caribbean; Asian Americans and even Native Americans. Opportunities were offered during the course for us to interact with different cultures through writing and receive a feedback regarded how they interpreted the written material based on their culture. The exercise strengthened my ability to demonstrate effective written communication skills due to the authentic written feedback students offered.


Thomas, J. (2010). The Four Stages of Moral Development in Military Leaders. Lakefield

Family Foundation Distinguished Military Professor of Leadership. United States Naval