Effective Life Cycle Asset Integrity Management

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As more and more manufacturers take advantage of the versatility of silicon technology globally, Dow Corning is committed to continuous supply chain innovation to provide faster, flexible and reliable delivery of silicone materials. Brett Able has been instrumental in leading efforts to develop supply chain capabilities worldwide to serve unique customer needs. He spent several years based in Tokyo focused specifically on building supply chain capabilities throughout Asia. In addition, he has played a critical role in facilitating solutions selling by promoting contract manufacturing of customer products when it benefits the customer and leverages Dow Corning\’s internal capabilities and market position.

His extensive experience in supply chain, engineering, materials, purchasing and management allowed Able to lead the reengineering of Dow Corning\’s acquisition processes and procurement organization. In addition to providing considerable cost savings, this reengineering enabled the positioning of optimum value contracts with Dow Corning\’s supplier base. He also led the strategic development and implementation of the supply chain strategy for the Specialty Chemicals business, which improved all key performance indicators while positioning the supply centers to become more competitive with offshore producers.

Able joined Dow Corning in 1974 and has held various positions in engineering, business and operational management, including production, quality, supply and research and development. In 1987, he was on special assignment as a member of the President\’s Commission on Executive Exchange on assignment to the Department of Defense working in the office of Research and Advanced Technology. He also spent several years in Belgium developing the European technology, operations and capital investment portfolio for a major Dow Corning business. He assumed his position as Executive Director of Supply Chains in 2004, and was named Vice President in 2005.

Able earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University in Indiana; he serves on various Boards and has been involved in a variety of community services including the United Way, Junior Achievement, Rotary International and the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM).

Our company is called Aker Solutions. It is one of the strongest supplier of Asset integrity management (AIM) services with many years of performing integrity organization and examination projects for the upstream gas and oil business in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).we look different from the other companies because of our capability to deliver a complete range of services that are needed to enable lifecycle technical integrity of an asset from the advancement of the performances, programs and strategies to in-service condition monitoring, inspection and analysis of degradations. We have more than 250 engineers and technicians with broad hands-on experience and theoretical, work integrated with our consumers to advance and put in use better and more holistic AIM ways that can improve the availability of assets and decrease risk throughout the lifetime of an asset. AIM’s has a very unique combination of asset lifecycle engineering and field services are offered through international business competence and lines centers strategically found in some countries such as Norway, UK and North America.

Our maintenance management team offers advisory services and maintenance and can advance match maintenance strategies that fit the operator’s operational philosophies and business aims. We offer specialist services, maintenance and operation support for land-based and gas facilities and offshore oil throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

Our group embraces a mix of individual ranging from highly competent specialist engineers with hands-on experience to young expertise with the current theoretical knowledge and skills.

Maintenance engineering

Using analytical methods such as:

  • Criticality analysis
  • Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis


  • Risk based inspection (RBI)
  • Spares assessments
  • Any AIM program considers and include design, production and flow assurance, corrosion and metallurgy, root cause failure analysis, stress analysis, Flow Assurance: Process flow does not generally lead to a loss of containment, stress analysis, process optimization, safety and mechanical integrity management, hazard’s analysis, inspection and maintenance planning, operational support, management solutions and risk and reliability analysis Aker Solutions AIM program is unique since it combines the understanding of process properties with a detailed knowledge of materials and composition and effect on operations and process conditions as well as the degradation effect on materials of construction, equipment and their Aker Solutions experts have extensive understanding of design,


Our AIM system pertains to the integrity management of infrastructure, facilities and equipment and is aimed at providing our clients with specialists and engineering support in all areas of Asset Integrity Management.  The definition and urgency of AIM varies from one industry sector to another.  The time to failure and the potential impact of a loss of integrity is dependent on the design, materials, degradation, the environment in which the materials are exposed and the risks of operation.  An understanding of these issues enables an AIM strategy to be developed and implemented that is tailored to an industry, equipment and specific application.  The following industry sectors are serviced:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear and Fossil Power Generation
  • Production and Process Industries
  • Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Utility (Water)
  • Civil infrastructure

Our engineers have detailed knowledge and experience in modification and structural integrity issues related to ageing offshore structures for continued safe operation. Our services cover:

  • Linear and non-linear FE structural analysis for all relevant conditions
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Hydrodynamic analysis
  • Major and minor modifications and upgrading on hull and topside
  • Reliability based inspection planning (SIMP™ for semi-submersibles)
  • Lifetime extension
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) facilitated by in-house developed state-of the-art software tools, our maintenance engineering team prepare, integrate maintenance and inspection plans. This preparation enables maintenance engineering team cover and use condition-based methods that is quick and reliable (ready to be loaded into clients CMMS).

Maintenance management systems

We have needed experience, we are able to develop, optimize maintenance, carry inspection and development and implementation of (philosophies, strategies, procedures, work processes and work instructions in the field of maintenance).

Staffing analysis

Majorly staff undertakes activities that facilitate; Benchmarking maintenance operations, keen utilization of the working hours (quality output), each staff is liable for the position he/she is assigned and accurate check and maintenance of:

  • Newly started plants
  • Operating plants
  • Name and design changes

Maintainability evaluations

Multi-disciplinary evaluations are carried to come up with the appropriate design which is appealing to clients and easy to maintain.

Materials selection

We (CAPEX and OPEX), recommend the best material selection for a particular plant or facility. We also ensure excellent surface protection that is able to withstand harsh conditions/environments.

Production availability analysis

Production availability analysis is performed to achieve and maintain high production regularity on oil and gas fields, maximizing the utilization of producing assets and increasing company profit. Offshore structures are designed for a certain time to serve specific operation. During its activity new conditions may be adopted or changes done, for instance, modification to the structure, new environmental loads and facilities to help in accidental events. Our engineers have detailed knowledge and experience in modification and structural integrity issues related to ageing offshore structures for continued safe operation. Our services cover:

  • Linear and non-linear FE structural analysis for all relevant conditions
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Hydrodynamic analysis
  • Major and minor modifications and upgrading on hull and topside
  • Reliability based inspection planning (SIMP™ for semi-submersibles)
  • Lifetime extension

For semi-submersibles, Aker Solutions has developed a reliability based inspection program,

SIMP™, extending service intervals for ageing units. As SIMP™ is a continuous process, taking the inspection history into account and updating the inspection program regularly, it helps the client to achieve a continued safe operation. The services are provided either on a project basis or under frame agreements. This ensures flexibility for the customers as it provides both long and short-term solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of prevailing offshore standards and regulations, and a broad base of specialist personnel. Our structural calculations and analyses are performed using the leading industry-standard software packages.

The complexity of oil and gas installations, the amount of data to be transformed to useful information about condition and performance, and the consequences of failures in terms of safety and production, calls for efficient data management, systems and tools. Supported by competent and experienced personnel, Coabis is one of the systems Aker Solutions provide to enable better decision support as part of optimizing the asset integrity, critical analysis and upgrading management.

Advanced inspection and monitoring technology

The advanced inspection group is of significant; they utilize the latest inspection technology in handling greater challenging inspection services for clients globally. Our main aim is to make inspection technology and methods more reliable and production of satisfactory results. We work hand in hand with some of the worlds leading experts, encouraging use of leading-edge-tools and development of proprietary techniques.

In house expertise performs scanning operations using scanning apparatus, since they are qualified and with experience they ensure excellent resolution facilitating effective execution of inspection services. We adhere to ISO quality management procedures; this has promoted consistent results and client satisfaction.

Brett Able joined Honeywell Specialty Materials in January 2009 as vice president, integrated supply chain. Specialty Materials, a strategic business group of Honeywell based in Morristown, N.J., with $4.7 billion in revenues in 2010, is a global leader in providing customers with high-performance specialty materials, including fluorine products; specialty films and additives; advanced fibers and composites; intermediates; specialty chemicals; electronic materials and chemicals; and technologies and materials for petroleum refining.

Brett has management oversight for all of Specialty Materials’ supply chain operational activities covering plan, source, make and deliver – and functional support, including process and project engineering; health, safety and environment; and process safety. Before he joined Honeywell, he was corporate vice president and chief engineer for Dow Corning Corporation, responsible for overseeing engineering capabilities to support existing and future expansions. He had previously served as Dow Corning’s vice president of global supply chains.

During his nearly 35 years with Dow Corning, Brett held various positions in engineering, business, and operational management – including production, quality, supply, and research and development. He was instrumental in leading that company’s efforts to develop supply chain capabilities worldwide, played a crucial role in facilitating solutions selling by promoting contract manufacturing, led reengineering of the acquisitions process and procurement organization, and guided strategic development and implementation of a supply chain strategy for specialty chemicals. Brett was based both in the United States and overseas, including several years in Asia overseeing the engineering, procurement, construction and start-up of a major Dow Corning project and opened an engineering center in Chennai, India. He also spent several years in Tokyo building Dow Corning’s Asian supply chain capabilities.

Brett earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. He is involved with a number of community service organizations and serves on several boards.

Rope access service

The rope access inspection group makes use of techniques used in recreational climbing. Rope access done with inspection and most NDT methods give rise to powerful tool in the facility that is cost efficient, has a high safety standard and limited interference with production. It becomes excellent solution where conventional access is limited.

The main goal and focus of rope access is safety. The use of rope access in a facility has been in use for many years and it is an excellent cost efficient alternative to scaffolding.

His current position within Corporate Engineering, Technology Division of Bayer Corporation includes the direction and leadership of engineering and technical services in the areas of project engineering discipline expertise, energy and utilities, maintenance consulting, site development and logistics, engineering analysis, design guides and standards and engineering computer applications.

Mr. Wilson holds a BS (Chemistry, Math) from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada and an M.Sc.E. (Chemical Engineering), from University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

He is a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada, the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering and the Engineers Association of Ontario. He is also a former Director of the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering.”