English: College writing


An essay is a complex form of writing made up of several components. The process of developing an essay induces a transition from one point to another. It connects the writer with the audience through the depiction of an important issue. The reader relates to the travel who moves from point A to B while engaging with the information presented in the essay. It is necessary for the writer to uses an essential mechanism that not only promotes easy readership but also triggers entertainment and thrill. Effectively communication from the start to the end of an essay can only be achieved if the writer establishes a flow in their essay. It implies that the reading will be seamless and effortless for a large proportion of the interested persons.

Different mechanisms can be used to develop flow in an essay. The use of consistent characters features prominently. It induces the concentration of the readers as they come to terms with persons or objects already known to them. As such, the writer does not have to mention the characters by their actual names. They instead refer to the meaning or implications of the characters while involving them in an essay. The use of pointers such as pronouns also triggers effective writing and engagement of the audience. Rather than using big words, one can settle for those that can convey the same message without being mentioned directly. The use of punch line also facilitates the flow of the essay as the readers engage with usual issues then shift to the unknown. On the other hand, the use of linking works facilitates the transition from one idea to another.


Paragraphs also ease the process of reading and writing. It represents a piece of an argument with a unique description of the entire writing. The audience can point to a specific paragraph while critiquing the essay. Paragraphs are also often independent such that each can convey an entirely different message from others. It is upon the writer to use a different mechanism to establish the flow of the essay. However, paragraphs play a critical role in facilitating the transition from one dimension to another. An essay of three paragraphs may account for the past, present and the future. It is more thrilling for the reader to engage with a new piece of an argument when presented individually. Besides, one can also easily redirect to a particular idea reflected in the essay. The opening sentence is an integral part of the paragraph as it communicates the underlying rationale. As such, the reader can easily relate to the intended purposes. It will be easier to read through the paragraph regardless of the length as long as a person expects to discover a predefine issue.

The designing of a paragraph is also necessary while promoting effective writing and readership. Each paragraph represents an independent unit of thought that narrates describes a particular aspect. It is imperative to ensure that the intended purpose has been achieved by the paragraph. The reader will often look forward to a certain standard of communication especially after reading the introductory sentence. They will least likely be interested in completing the essay if the intended purpose cannot be achieved. The paragraph is also as good as an essay given the requirement for the transition from a starting point to an ending position.