Environmental Issues

DiMento, JFC, Doughman, PM. (2007). Climate Change: What It Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren. The MIT Press, p. 3. Retrieved from    e_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false

One of the major reasons that the world has yet to make progress towards slowing down and reversing human effects on the earth is due to social reasons. Many politicians argue that enacting climate change policy is too expensive and not worthwhile. In the United States, the division between the political opinions of Democrats and Republicans is a major contributing factor to this situation. Typically, Republicans claim that global warming is a hoax while Democrats actively advocate for environmental policies.

Knight J, KenneyJJ, Folland C, Harris G, Jones GS, Palmer M, Parker D, Scaife A. (2009). Do              Global Temperature Trends Over the Last Decade Falsify Climate Predictions?   Bull.Amer.Meteor.Soc,. 90 (8): S75–S79. Retrieved from

Global warming is typically thought of a process that involves the constant warming the earth’s surface. This study shows that global temperature change has slowed down within the last decade. Despite this, there is clear evidence that there has been climate change over a long time period and this is especially apparent when we graph temperature changes over each year.

NOAA. (2007). Patterns of greenhouse warming. GFDL Climate Modeling Research Highlights.             Retrieved from            action/user_files/kd/pdf/gfdlhighlight_vol1n6.pdf

This pamphlet summarizes the findings of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. These studies traced the patterns of greenhouse warming and concluded that summer warming over continents may be accompanied by drier soils, the most warming is expected to occur during the winter in North America and north-central Asia, warming in this century will occur more over land than oceans, and the increase of surface air temperatures in response to increasing greenhouse gas levels will not be geographically uniform.

Raupach R, Marland G, Ciais P, Le Quéré C, Canadell G,  Klepper G, Field B. (2007). Global   and regional drivers of accelerating CO2 emissions. Proceedings of the National          Academy of Sciences, 104 (24): 10288–10293. Retrieved from 

Carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere which is directly responsible for causing the Greenhouse Effect. These emissions have been increasing over the years as a result of several factors including more frequent use of fossil fuels and industrial processes. The article discusses the distribution of carbon dioxide emissions across the world, reasons for its release, and provides information on the growth of this practice.

Wentz FJ, Ricciardulli L, Hilburn K, Mears C. (2007). How Much More Rain Will Global         Warming Bring? Science, 317 (5835): 233–5. Retrieved from   

This article discusses the relationship between global warming and rain. It has been determined using climate models and scientific observation that the amount of water stored in the atmosphere will increase as the surface of the earth becomes warmer. While former studies indicate that precipitation will be released at only a portion of this rate, the group discovered that precipitation and surface warming have a direct relationship and an increase in one will lead to a proportional increase in the other. Therefore, global warming will cause a greater extent of precipitation.


Environmental Issues

As the use of technology becomes more prevalent, our need to monitor human impact on the environment also increases. Although technological advances make our lives easier, it is essential to understand how production of these items negatively impacts our planet. Factories that produce these products produce a large quantity of pollution that ranges from carbon dioxide emissions to paper waste products that deplete both the ozone layer and Earth’s forests. Therefore, it’s essential to educate others on the harmful effects of factory pollution and find ways to reverse the impact of this waste on our environment. To do so, we must we must begin by educating our youth about the consequences of pollution and determine effective ways to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide in the air.

            Many people today don’t believe that global warming exists and is a threat to our environment. Despite this, there is clear evidence that the Earth’s temperatures are changing, seawater levels are rising, and the ozone layer is shrinking. In order to dispel any myths that exist against global warming, we must educate our nation’s youth while they are still in school. I therefore propose the addition of an environmental science course at the elementary level. In addition to learning basic math, language, and history, students will be required to learn the basic science skills that will enable them to interpret scientific evidence on their own and draw their own sound conclusions. Since youth are the future of this country, educating on them on these issues early can have a positive effect on environmental policy in the future.

            Next, we must find a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. These emissions create holes in the ozone layer which decreases protection from the sun’s UV rays. To do so, we must petition and lobby against factories that produce a significant amount of pollution. Many will not want to comply, but it is important to explain to them that there are clean energy alternatives that will allow them to continue their business as before and have a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth. Lobbying against these factories may help enact a national policy that will require them to find ways to produce their technology and products in a way that will minimally impact the environment.            

In conclusion, although factories that produce technology are harmful to the environment, there are ways to persuade these companies to switch to clean energy that will help protect the Earth. These strategies include educating youth, lobbying against factories that cause pollution, and trying to persuade factories to use clean energy. While this may not be enough to completely undo the effects of global warming, it’s certainly a start. It is essential for everyone to understand the importance of the environment and how our daily activities can contribute to its demise; only then can we start to make a true difference.


The King Tut Curse

The stories surrounding the curse on King Tutankhamen’s tomb began during the spring of 1923 when Lord Carnarvon, the person who was responsible for funding the tomb’s excavation, died shortly after its discovery. Lord Carnarvon’s misfortunes began when a mosquito bit him on the cheek and he accidentally aggravated the spot by shaving; shortly after this mishap, the wound became infected and he fell sick. His symptoms became extremely exaggerated and although a doctor was sent to help cure his fever, Lord Carnarvon died before help arrived. According to observers, all of the lights in Cairo went out at the exact moment he died (KingTutOne, n.d.).

            It’s important to understand that before this situation even occurred, there were a multitude of stories handed down throughout history about how mummies had magic powers. As a consequence of the pre-existing legends, it is likely that the researchers who approached the tomb had been gossiping amongst themselves about the fears and wonders they had about uncovering this burial site. When Lord Carnarvon fell ill, it made sense to explain his death in terms of the curse. While it is nearly impossible to tell what he really died from, we do know that his death began a series of rumors that increased the legacy of the curse of the mummy.

According to legend, anyone who dared to disturb a mummy’s grave would suffer a series of mishaps that are the mummy’s way of protecting its resting place. Before the discovery of King Tut’s grave, there were no known Egyptian tombs that remained untouched by grave robbers. Therefore, this dig had a certain stigma because this team would be the first to disturb a grave of a mummy that had been resting peacefully. After Lord Carnarvon mysteriously died, the media was drawn to this case which contributed to the perpetuation of the myth. It was they who claimed that King Tut enacted vengeance upon Lord Carnarvon and whoever entered the tomb would suffer the consequences. In addition to this, the media spread two more rumors; the first is that a cobra killed Howard Carter, who discovered King Tut’s tombm

OThey claimed King Tut wanted vengeance and announced a mummy’s curse, which targeted those who had entered the tomb. Not only did the death of Carnarvon get all the people in an uproar but other stories began to surface as well. Of the stories that surfaced, two remain prominent. One of the prominent stories is that a cobra killed Howard Carter’s (explorer who discovered King Tut’s burial place) and the other is the Carnavron’s dog suddenly dropped dead at the same moment his owner did.

Despite the myth that Howard Carter was killed by a snake, it has been documented that he lived for ten years after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. During this time he researched the artifacts found in the tomb and compiled an extensive database of the history of the items, their relationship to the king, and successfully connected the role of King Tut’s importance in Egyptian history. Skeptics note that Howard Carter was the first person to enter the tomb and spent a lot of time in the tomb thereafter this initial entry; therefore, if the curse of the mummy is true, why didn’t Carter die around the same time as Lord Carnavron?

Many scientists and researchers are currently interested in determining why Lord Carnavron actually died and what could be contained within King Tut’s tomb that caused this. The most realistic explanation for the myth is that the story is so old and told by so many people that we don’t know the actual facts of what happened when Lord Carnavron died. In addition, there is no documentation on whether his dog also died, why the lights in Cairo went out, if the lights in Cairo actually went out at the same exact time that Lord Carnavron died, and whether a snake killed Carter or he died for some other reason. Overall, belief in this myth depends upon whether a person believes there is compelling evidence to prove the scenario that has been proposed.

            According to a May 2005 National Geographic article entitled “Egypt’s “King Tut Curse” Caused by Tomb Toxins?”, scientists believe that there may have substances contained within the tomb that caused the supposed “curse deaths” (Handwerk, 2005). The article states that tombs are teaming with meats, vegetables, and fruits that can support growth of insects, molts, and bacteria. Physicians have reported that two types of mold called Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus are typically carried by ancient mummies; these can both cause allergic reactions that range from basic allergy symptoms to lung bleeding. The article continues to discuss several other kinds of pathogens and chemicals that could have caused Lord Carnarvon’s death. Other researchers believe that Lord Carnarvon was already ill before the expedition. These experts cite that he didn’t die until after a few months of exposure to the tomb; if the wrath of the mummy were true, one would likely expect this to happen instantly.

            Although many people still believe in the curse of the mummy, it is interesting to note that media continues to perpetuate this mystery. Even with modern science and technology, we are still not able to completely explain the mysteries surrounding King Tut’s tomb. It is likely that we will never have an explanation as to what really happened in 1923 and that we will continue to tell stories about this incident in the future. It’s true that unsolvable mysteries make the most interesting tales.


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The Struggle of Human Rights


            The speech of Eleanor Roosewelt in Paris, Sorbonne is written in a way that it is able to create engagement with the audience, get people connected and emphasize the importance of preserving human rights. The below essay is going to examine the rhetorical tools used by Eleanor Roosevelt.

            Logos. The main thesis of the speech; the importance of maintaining freedom and human rights is clearly communicated through the speech. The speaker says:

            “I believe, of our chance of peace in the future, and for the strengthening of the United   Nations organization to the point where it can maintain peace in the future “. She clearly wants to ensure that world politics and the United Nations step up against totalitarian dictatorial states like the USSR.

            Ethos. The credibility of Eleanor Roosevelt is also addressed in the speech. As the longest serving First Lady an author and an equality activist. She stepped up several times before against discrimination.

            Pathos. Pathos is the rhetorical tool that is used the most throughout the speech. This is what creates a real connection with the audience. Talking about past historical issues like the French Revolution in front of an audience in Paris is a great choice, just like involving current issues, like the lack of freedom of speech in many parts of the world, especially in the USSR.

            Style of Speech. The speech examined in this essay is definitely written in a Toulmin style, as the moral argument is already decided and one can suppose that the audience already agrees with the statement that freedom of speech and human rights are values that are important for democratic societies. She also confirms: “The decisive importance of this issue was fully recognized by the founders of the United Nations at San Francisco.”


Roosevelt, Eleanor. (1948) “The Struggle for Human Rights.” American Rhetoric. 2011. Web. 11          May 2012. School of Liberal Arts. (web) The Rhetorical Triangle: Understanding and Using Logos, Ethos


Banning Smoking in Public Places

The topic of the Rogerian essay is the argument for banning smoking in public places. Bringing in scientific research results, the authors would like to address human rights and freedom issues and argue that everyone has the right for clear fresh air without 3000 different toxins. While smokers’ have the right to enjoy their habit if they choose to, the public’s interest is more important in this case than individual rights.

            Background Knowledge. I have examined newspaper and academic publications regarding smoking ban in America. As a non-smoker, I understand that people with heart and respiratory conditions can be affected by cigarette smoke. With friends who are asthmatic I know that cigarette smoke can worsen several people’s condition. Indeed, if I go to a club or party where smoking is allowed, my clothes and hair immediately need to be washed, because of the smell.

            Research Plan. In the first phase, I would like to review newspaper publications on the issue; argumentative articles on each side. The second phase would be to check the validity of the claims using peer-reviewed journals detailing research results on second-hand smoking and its effect on people’s health. I will use search terms “second-hand smoking” and “ban smoking in public”. would be a good starting point, as it is a website that addresses both sides of the argument. The CDC website would provide facts and overview about the health risks of second-hand smoking on different population groups. It also provides references for future research including scientific study publications. The WHO report covering the statistics of 192 countries would also provide the author with a solid proof to back up the argument for banning smoking in public places.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (web) Smoking and Tobacco Use.                    <> [Accessed: 12/6/13] Website. History and Debate of Smoking Ban. Web. <            rights/> [Accessed: 12/6/13] Oberg, M., Jaakkola, M., Woodward, A., Pergua, A., Pruss-Ustun, A. (2010) Worldwide burden of disease from exposure to second-hand smoke: a retrospective analysis of data from          192 countries. WHO. Web.             <>  [Accessed:


Overcoming Obstacles

A Turn of Events

My early experiences in life led me to adopt a motivated mindset to overcome daunting obstacles and achieve my goals. If there is anything I have learned to realize about the reality of life is that, ‘nothing is naturally that easy to accomplish’. Through the years of struggling to achieve my dream of becoming the first one in the family to finish a college degree, I found out that nothing is free in this world and every single matter that gives one a sense of achievement should be handled with proper application of effort and hard work.

Everything was going smoothly. My mother had her job and was able to put me in school thus providing me the education that I need to achieve my dreams. I thought then that everything would remain as ‘easy’ as it seems. However, everything changed one my single mother came in the house one night looking drenched and powerless. She lost her job. She looked at me with no words, but it was as if I can hear her say “how can I support you now?”  I was speechless, all I could do was try to figure out how I would be able to ease her paid. The hardships began to come in like flood. It became hard to put even just the simplest meal in the table for the family to share. I realized that at this point, I had to stand up for my own sake and be stronger as I am to face larger challenges as these problems come sweeping our family.  I knew that this was the only thing I could do to make sure my mother’s pain could be eased somehow.

Part of my step towards achieving my goal is dedicated to putting my attention focused on my studies. I admit it was not easy to keep my attention on my studies amidst all the different conditions I had to deal with in relation to my mother and my family as a whole. I needed all the help I can get. Sadly, my teachers were preoccupied with their own problems. I had to learn matters on my own and become dedicated to my studies. Financial problems became the main hindrance to my goal but I pursued my dream any way I could anyway.

As I entered college, my dream became even harder to achieve as the financial support I needed pressured me at an even harder cause. I then resorted to searching for the most possible scholarships available that I could apply for; working while learning also became a stepping-stone towards the completion of my goals. Relatively, nothing was easy; but I know I do have to undergo all these trials. I always keep in my mind the words of my mother as she says ‘nothing comes from nothing, every good thing comes from another good thing’, I figure, if I keep on choosing the good path then perhaps I would finally be able to reap the fruits of my efforts later on in life. My determination apparently was not enough for me to achieve my dreams. Every single desire should be worked upon, every single step towards my goal should be seriously taken into consideration and every obstacle should be realized as opportunities towards growth and a closer bridge towards what I want to achieve.

Through the years, I realized that with one twist of events in my much easier life when I was younger, everything could take another phase and my determination immediately grew. It was as if I was forced to become a lot more mature at such an early age. To some, such an experience might seem specifically devastating. To me though, such part of my life became the turning point of everything, a realization of what I really want and a source of indication on the path that I want to take as I grow into age. My mother, my inspiration, gave me the most compelling source strength allowing me to see through the bright side of life even though everything started to seem shattered. As my mother never gave up on me or on the idea of giving me what I needed as an advancing student, I learned not to give up on myself either. I knew I had to stand up and it was not only for me nor for my dream, but for my mother and my family who I want to lead in a much better state of living as I tend to graduate from college and gain a better job that would allow me to give them the American dream that my mother longed to realize for us when we were still young.


Internet Privacy

            The internet has gained popularity in recent years and protecting one’s privacy has become a major concern. As a result, people who use the internet on a daily basis are concerned with how their privacy is being maintained and protected. Many companies are viewing people’s information via social networks and web surfing. Recently, AT&T has alleged that Google is profiling people for the NSA. According to AT&T, when a person agrees to use the Google toolbar, but does not opt out of the web history their information is stored. When customers do not opt out Google has the ability to observe what URLs the customer visited, other searches, and even see what pages were actually viewed. However, when a customer has nothing to hide they could care less if they are being monitored.  There have even been alleged cases of social network selling people personal information to telemarketing organizations, but that might be one of the prices we have to pay for safety. I would rather be annoyed by telemarketers than have my identity stolen. The internet is a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing. The government is now asking companies to not track people’s location, sites they visit on a regular basis, and sell their personal information to help ensure that the general public feels comfortable with monitoring. . I believe that government internet monitoring is necessary to help prevent and detect terrorist plots, pornography, and international crime.

Many American feel betrayed because of the find of this information, but it is quite necessary to ensure our safety. Agencies like the FBI and NSA collect and monitor information about internet activity in efforts to maintain national security. Dinev says, “If Einstein 3 can perform deep packet inspection to prevent botnets from accessing certain Web pages, for instance, could it also be used to prevent a human from accessing illegal pornography, copyright-infringing music, or offshore gambling sites?” (p. 230).  If Einstein can prohibit the access of pornography, I believe it has done a great job.   Although many Americans see the United States monitoring policies as too invasive, there are other countries that have far more invasive monitoring techniques. Some countries even block sites that they feel are inappropriate or unacceptable. I believe that government internet monitoring is necessary to help prevent and detect terrorist plots, pornography, and international crime.

            Public opinion about the government’s monitoring internet activity in efforts to prevent terrorism is somewhat divided among different aged Americans. Forty-five percent of Americans feel the government should monitor emails and online activity, while fifty-two percent believe that when the government does this they are infringing upon their privacy rights. It seems that younger Americans are more concerned with protecting their personal privacy than preventing terrorism when it comes at their privacy’s expense. People in the age frame of 18-29 believe it is more important for the government to not infringe upon their personal internet privacy rights even if this diminishes chances of the government counteracting terrorist plots. Nonetheless, sixty-one percent of people in this same age group feel it is acceptable for the government to track phone records for the same purposes. However, seventy-two percent of Americans aged 65 and older feel it is acceptable for the government to track phone and internet usage if it will prevent future terrorist acts. (Dinev, p. 222). No matter the age of a person, their safety is of the utmost importance and the government is trying to ensure that safety.

            In a perfect world, people who have access to the internet would be responsible enough to use it for the intended purpose it was made. However, that perfect world does not exist. There are some people who use the internet solely as a tool to rob and scheme unsuspecting people. As a result, the government or the law is often needed to help people who have become prey to internet predators. Not only are adults targeted, but so are children. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children’s internet usage. There are many access control tools that can prevent children from illicit material. Nonetheless, parents are unable to watch their children at all times. As a result, children are elicited for sex and victims of the sex trade at an alarming rate. Using the internet, deals and the exchange of sex for money is done without some key players ever even meeting each other (Liau, A. K., Khoo, A., & Ang, P. H. 2005).

When one thinks of prostitution the actual physical act of sex comes to mind, but in the tech savvy world people are paying for visuals. There are various sites that one could go to and purchase a live camera sexual act. Often the people performing these acts are minors or sex slaves. Knowing that various sites are the government is helping to monitor illicit material is comforting to me, parents, and concerned citizens. For example, I was watching a talk show recently where a young lady was speaking out about being a former sex slave. She spoke about the acts she had to perform and how her life was threatened if she tried to notify anyone or escape. Luckily, it was the efforts of monitoring systems that were able to locate her and several other women been held captive. A local police department sat up a sting. They went onto the site and solicited the services of one of the girls. When they made arrangements to meet, the squad team was there to apprehend the pornography leaders. The site was found after the mother of one of the victims was able to view the emails of her daughter. The mother had become suspicious of her daughter’s behavior and had a device installed on the family’s computer. When she disappeared, the mother printed various bits of evidence from the computer. She was able to assist the police in the return of several girls.  Knowing that servers like Google could actually be gathering information on the type of searches one makes is comforting as well. Also, now that the public knows this is taking place, I believe that people will be more reluctant to view illicit material over the internet. As a result, people in the pornography business will lose money.

            Since the tragedy of 9/11, many Americans are more conscientious of the world around them. People have naturally become more vigilant of their surroundings.  As a result, many terrorist groups have begun using the internet as a way to spread their message. There are numerous sites that support anti-Americanism. These sites elicit the help of people with like views. Often, the information is encrypted to try to ensure secretiveness. As a result, the American government has founded groups that monitor these sites. As a result, several terrorist plots have been foiled due to information gathered on these sites. Many Americans seem to agree that monitoring terrorist sites is acceptable, but still feel monitoring everyone else is an invasion of privacy. It is necessary because people with terrorist views aren’t always what one expects. Many people have a visual in their mind as to what a terrorist should look like, but in actuality it could be the next door neighbor, the banker teller, the local butcher, or even the taxi driver. With certain activities been monitored, all people are being monitored equally without profiling.

            With today’s economy, many people have been trying to find work by any means necessary. As a result, many people are working nontraditional jobs at home. Consequently, there are many internet scams and international crime rings operating via the internet. There are some internet scammers that offer at home work, but the potential employee must first pay a fee for the start-up kit.  There are others that contact potential victims stating that they have won a large sum of money, but must first pay the shipping and handling fees for the check to be delivered to their home. There are endless possibilities to be scammed by online internet companies.  According to Salbu,

“The Bureau of Consular Affairs receives daily calls about international scams involving Internet dating, inheritance, work permits, overpayment, and money-laundering. Many scams are initiated through the Internet; victims range in age from 18 to 81 and come from all socio-economic backgrounds. While such confidence schemes have long existed, the advent of the Internet has greatly increased their prevalence. Individual U.S. citizens have lost considerable money on these scams, ranging from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.” (Salbu, p. 439).

Salbu goes on to say that if a person feels they have become a victim of an online scam, they should notify the administrators of that website. The victim should end all communication with the alleged scam artist. Nonetheless, it is extremely rare that the victim recovers the lost money because scams evolve constantly. However, if the victim feels threatened in any way, they should contact their local law enforcement office. (Salbu, p. 459-62).

The invention of the internet had made our lives much easier and convenient.  However, it has also exposed us to scams, extortion, and other negative possibilities. As a result, monitoring has to be done in order to ensure our safety. Although government monitoring may be a little invasive or annoying at times, in the long wrong it is more beneficial to Americans than it is harmful. Consequently, I am accepting of the fact that the government is monitoring certain sites or key words. As a law abiding citizen, who has nothing to hide, I have moved passed the issue of privacy in favor of overall safety.

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Religion as the Cause of War

War and religion are two entities that have existed since the beginning of time. War is an organized and prolonged conflict between two or more opposing sides. Often, one or more of those sides are driven by religious thoughts and beliefs. The questioning of the cause of war, as well as the questioning of others’ religious beliefs has gone on just as long as war and religion themselves. Many believe that the two are intertwined and that religion is usually the cause of most major wars. In places like Palestine, Iran and throughout the Middle East, religion has been fueling wars and conflicts for centuries. There are even wars that are started within one specific religion over various beliefs or territorial rights- like the fighting between the Islamic sects in the Middle East. Because of the wide and prominent occurrence of wars in the name of “god”, many people tend to believe that religion can be a leading cause of war all over the globe.


Political vs. Religious Leaders

Religion and politics are two of the most important forces that shape a society and America’s founding fathers were well aware of this fact. Thus, it is not a surprise that they went to great lengths to ensure that church and state will remain separate institutions in America. Like any other institutions, there are leaders in religious and political arena, too. A comparative analysis reveals that even though there are some differences between religious and political leaders, the similarities outnumber the differences.


Personal Experience

I was twelve years old, and I had never used a camera before, nor could I have possibly conceived what a simple camping trip with my family would result in. However, I can recollect every single moment of that trip, and every odd, and yet horrifying moment. I think brushes with death tend to leave an impression on a person.


Processed Food

Dear Professor,

The purpose of the below essay is to reveal whether there is a connection between the consumption of highly processed food and civilization illnesses, obesity and diabetes. By reviewing several publications, government initiatives and research, I would like to reveal whether the claims are valid and what the real solution for the obesity-epidemic is.

During the completion of the essay I have visited several websites and researched publications regarding processed food. I learned that while obesity is tackled by many agencies in America, there is very little done to promote a healthy lifestyle and most people choose convenience over food.


Resignasation Letter

Dear —–:

It is with deep regret that I must submit my resignation of my current position in favor of a per diem role.  Please be assured that, having worked at the company for over eight years and consistently applied myself to my job in as committed and professional manner as possible, this is not a decision made randomly or lightly.  Rather, and as I am compelled to relate, certain circumstances virtually require me to follow this course and terminate a position I have always valued highly.  In plain terms, and as I will make evident, there is a Director of Nursing with authority over me I find to be completely unsuited to her position, and guilty of many and ongoing abuses of her role.  Even as I submit this resignation, I am unable to fully accept that this individual is permitted to mistreat nurses as she does, and actually retaliate against criticisms in ways blatantly unfair and abusive.  I cannot let my extreme disappointment, however, stand in the way of my own professional responsibility to convey the realities which are compelling me to resign.


Successful or Not

When determining whether or not someone is successful, one should make a logical decision based on both what they see and experience in that person. Long-term and short-term results, successes and failures of the person and their business as well as personal life should all be taken into account. Some people may seem to be very successful at first, but after a period of time, you will find that they are actually not that successful in the grand scheme of things. While a person may be successful in terms of business, they may fall short in other areas of their life- such as their romantic life. People who strive for success in their personal life may see failures in their business life. Balancing success in all areas of one’s life can be very challenging. In order to be a successful person, one must be able to maintain a healthy work life, home life, and sense of self.


Reading Experiences Essay

My definition of a good reader has to embody a few different criteria that I believe are very important when reading anything. The number one thing when considering a piece that makes a reader good is whether they understand the context of the material, no matter what it is. If the reader does not understand contextually what the piece is referring to, it will be nearly impossible for them to truly analyze a piece of writing.