Essay About Me

I have always viewed myself as a person I would indeed admire if I were someone else. The claim does not just come as a thought, but from the actual experiences I had since childhood, and how I associate with people and how they view me. For instance, strangers always think I am quiet; friends think I am out-going, closest friends and family think I am the most overly confident, amazingly awesome and crazy individual there is, with a twist of sarcasm in the fun conversations we involve ourselves in. I have always had a scientific mindset as well, as curiosity has always had the best in me. I am always determined to associate with people correctly, depending on how fond I am with the person. Also, as many have noted, the pleasure I have in servicing people so they respond with words such as “Wow, I could not ask for anything more!” is indeed profound. Even if my parents are asked, I am sure they would agree that I was far from the children in folktales, those commonly described as being burdensome mouths to feed. In my childhood, I started offering volunteering picking litter in the neighbourhood, as I saw the importance of having a tidy environment.

Before I knew it, Ms Jackson, my neighbour who was a senior citizen living on her own, started paying me two dollars a day to clean her house after school. I still have a vivid memory of it her house, as memory is also one of my excellent abilities. It was a beautiful house with sofas and chairs covered with plastic, wall-to-wall carpeting, blue and white, a white enamel stove, as well as a dryer and a machine. In my days as a child, children were not just liked or loved but were also needed. We could earn money and take care of the children younger than us.

I believe I stand out as a unique individual, and where I am today, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, is mostly due to my unusual upbringing and life history. I have gone through plenty of memorable moments that have made me have a passionate, fiery character, as well as some people regarding me as being legendary to an extent. Sometimes I get to receive that kind of treatment from the people I know personally, such as a friend or a neighbour, while other times I later realise I am recognised by people I have never even met in my life. For unique traits, these include the fact that I am dyslexic. I also like to wear party hats when I have no official endeavour.

Also, once firewood is cut and split, I have the talent of eyeballing and stacking them into cords very neatly and quickly, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Though simple, I believe it’s these simple skills that can aid me in being effective as far as helping out in the community is concerned. I have also never had chicken pox, and I also liked to walk barefoot in the compound when I child, factors that convince me in believing in my agility, and the confidence I have in my natural self. I also like being organised and putting things up, such as bookcases or items in shelves.