ESSAY Response Paper Experience as a great teacher

Sample Essay A Response:

Experience is presented by the author of this essay as a basis of better decisions at present. The author made mention of how evident this fact has been in history in relation to the situations that occurred during the WWI. He imposes that the decisions made then impacted so much as to how each event turned out to be and how it recreated a sense of conditional development in connection with the events that made the history. Notably though, seeing experience as such a positive element of human living may render this essay to be quite one sided on the issue it hopes to tackle. Relatively, such consideration shows that learning from the past imposes changes at present and may as well fix the path towards the future.

Sample Essay B Response:

Having the same voice as that of the first sample essay, the author of this writing provides a distinctive description on what experience’s role is in connection with the developments that an individual incurs in his lifetime. Relating a personalized example of his own discussion, the author presents how true his description of experience has become for himself and how much he values such understanding as somewhat important and directive as to how he has undergone some of the personal decisions he had to make in his own life. Being personal and all, contesting the presentation of the discussion and the different factors of experience that the author dependent his argument upon becomes quite impossible to question.

Sample Essay C Response:

Being more balanced in presenting both the pros and cons of utilizing experience as a source of knowledgeable guidance for making decisions at present, the author of this essay utilized the Irish history and its ongoing relationship with the overall British political armada to define his idea regarding the impact of experience. Notably, the author wanted to show how much the utilization of experience or the past in a more negative approach could break the possible bonds that could be formed to establish understanding and peace between contradicting nations. At the same course, relating such situations in a personal scale makes this writing more balanced and impartial in showing how and why utilizing experience should be given proper attention to for it to provide positive results to human individuals today and even towards the future.