Event that I felt embodied wisdom

As a regular teenager, my future was bright and filled with promise. It was also a hectic time as I was preoccupied with a lot of things. I was busy working on my applications to various universities, keeping up with my regular schoolwork and juggling everything to ensure I still have a social life such as nights out with my friends and the like. With so many things on my mind at this point of my life, I admit that my family had taken a backseat to things that I deemed were more important.

In the midst of all these, my grandmother fell ill and was taken to the hospital. But since I was too preoccupied with college applications and the prospect of coming to the United States for my studies, I barel­­y had time to visit her, even on weekends. Something just kept cropping up in my busy schedule that I deemed more important. At the time, I never really placed enough value on the time I have with the people I love and that matter the most. I just took it for granted that she will eventually get better and that it was just something that happened to elderly people once in a while. But it was never a routine hospital admission. I did not realize the gravity of my grandmother’s illness until it was too late and my father had to break the news to me that she had passed away.

I was greatly shocked and devastated by the news of her death. Additionally, I was riddled by guilt that I did not even make any efforts to visit her more often and to comfort her during her last days here. I found myself in a depressed mood, moped about the house and was overcome by sorrow. However, after a few days of moping and feeling very low, I came to the realization that there is nothing I can do to turn back the clock and I should focus instead on turning my sorrow into strength.

So I resolved to become more involved my family and for us to work together to give each other the strength we need to overcome my grandmother’s passing. For the next few weeks, my friends also tried to coax me out of and except for the occasional night out with my very close friends, I concentrated on spending time with my family. We took comfort in each other and gained wisdom and strength. I was so happy to have come to the realization how fragile life is and that we need to savor every moment spent together while we still have each other.

My grandmother’s passing away has been a severe blow to our family, but I can say that I have become stronger and more mature because of it. I learned to value my family and I have also learned the value of emotional competence and the need to maintain therapeutic interpersonal relationships with other people. I also understood the need to gain insight and understand the complexities of human thoughts and emotions. I also learned that emotional self-regulation or the ability to manage our emotions is vital in transforming negative emotional states into becoming positive and productive.

I also realized that at times, there will be situations that have the power to hurt us and if we do not know how to manage our emotions, we can easily get affected and this negative disposition naturally reflects too in our work and behavior.  Furthermore, emotional self-motivation or the ability to use our emotions lead us to take positive action and relentlessly pursue our goals amidst the obstacles at hand teaches us the virtues of persistence and optimism and leads us to build self-confidence. When we are imbued with motivation, there is nothing else that can possibly affect us negatively.

As such, I have learned to regulate my own emotions and channel it to positive and productive outlets. I learned the value of take positive action and to relentlessly pursue my goals amidst the obstacles at hand. I also came to understand the value of empathy or the ability to listen and put one’s self in the other person’s shoes, thus allowing me to better understand their thoughts and motivation. I have also learned that nurturing relationships or the ability to demonstrate sincere care for others and appreciation is essential for encouraging cooperation or engaging people for collaborative efforts.  Lastly, nurturing relationships or the ability to demonstrate sincere care for others and appreciation is essential for encouraging cooperation or engaging people for collaborative efforts.