Exam Model

“For we must consider that we shall be as a city, the eyes of all people are upon us- John Winthrop ‘A model of Christian charity”

This is the most famous quote of John Winthrop from ‘A model of Christian charity.” This quote was used a long time ago, but it is still applicable to the modern world. It was quoted a time when the Puritan founders commanded respect in the education system. ‘A model of Christian charity’ was one of the books used in the education system during those times. Winthrop was a genius in terms of logical reasoning, which he combined with a sympathetic nature. This quote is about relationship and love, and it makes sense as a whole. It is not possible to deconstruct relationship and love parts of this quote, and still let it have meaning. Borrowing this quote from the bible, Winthrop aimed to show the modern reader that life is about relating with others and showing love.

In this quote, Winthrop is trying to show the need for people to be decent because others in this society look upon them. It is a quote that is trying to plant a new society that can be a role model to the whole world. This quote directly relates to the new vision of England that aims at creating a nation that can be emulated by the rest of the world. He has used his timeless practical wisdom to show what God requires of individuals and the society- people should be good examples to others. Analyzing this quote from a biblical perspective, it shows how God wants his people to conform to the rest of the world. They should delight in illuminating his wisdom through a number of ways. Humans need to be different from other creatures in their actions. They should preserve his glory so that he may have many followers. Through this, honor and glory will be his. Through doing righteous and its inhabitants doing good things, UK on many occasions will be able to manifest the work of its hard work. By doing right, it means that there should be equality between the rich and the poor. It is clear that every man needs others in order to survive in the society. There should be a brotherly relationship as no man was created to be more honorable than others are. This quote is encouraging people especially the UK residents to behave well so that the rest of the world can borrow a leaf from them.

Danforth: “that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there is no road between  … Arthur Miller ‘The Crucible’

This is a salient quote in which Danforth is telling those that do not agree with the decision of the court will be punished in the same manner as those fighting directly against it. This quote comes from Judge Thomas Danforth who is in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” From this quote, Danforth is portrayed as a selfish and conceited judge who portrays his extreme loyalty to the rules and laws governing his position. To him, his reputation and public opinion is what matters. The trial on which this quote was made was extremely challenging, and it encompassed many people in the town. With the many cover-ups and lies surrounding the case, this quote was aimed at bringing order and sense to this difficult matter. This line showed the will of the court and the judgment given to the case. When the offender did not confess, Danforth decided to give this judgment.

This quote was a true reflection on how the government of United Kingdom was unfair to some people. There was no justice in those people who were brought before the court. Maybe it was used to show how UK treated its colonies. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible to show the truth about the hearings in the courts of England. The character who was sentenced in this case is a good example a modern tragic hero. It is a show of a person who is ready to be sacrificed as long as dignity comes to the courts. This is what the vision of UK is. This country wants to clean its courts for justice to prevail. Through this quote, Miller wanted to explain the dangers that come with moral absolutism. He tries to explain how morality has been diluted where neighbors are turning against one another. People in the society are accusing each other falsely. Suspicions are never given a chance to have their bargain in the courts. In this court, the judge assured people that everyone will be given fair judgment, but every individual who appeared before him was condemned. It is a show of how unfair courts were. They were blind to justice and truth, something that did not favor the less fortunate in society. This is a notable contrast to the modern England. In the modern days, the dusky afternoons when evil interacted freely with truth are a history.

When Hester emerged from prison, the beadle gives, “a blessing on the righteous colony of the Massachusetts, where inequity is dragged out in the sunshine” Hawthorne-“The Scarlet letter”

This is a symbolic quote, which shows Puritan law and the rigidity of enforcing it. In Hawthorne-“The Scarlet letter”, the ideas of free will and rebellion have been highlighted. In the country where this quote was used, there were Salem witch trials that took place before the county court trials. This quote was used as a brilliant say to caution about the dangers of extreme religion, governmental intrusions on people’s rights, false accusation, and lapses in the judicial process. The work of Hawthorne is a clear representation of dark romanticism that was common during the 19th century in England. Whereas the society emphasized on individual opportunity to weather all storms and rise to follow the divine, the courts were on the run to curb this. Through this quote, Hawthorne is criticizing the modern law. In this case, law of UK is not left off the hook. He uses this to expose how the ancestors were involved in unfair judgments of innocent people. Hawthorne wrote, “The Scarlet letter” to challenge the Puritan beliefs of grace which at times have led to extremes in the field of religion leading to condemnation of self-righteousness.

When this quote was said, Hester had just come out of prison carrying a baby of three months in her arms. He winked and turned away from the sun. It clearly shows that she does not want to face reality of life. She is a strong woman who despite the negative attention she receives in society, moves with her daily endeavors. She tried as much as she could to avoid people knowing who she truly was.

Hester is a true reflection of the modern UK women who are strong. She comes out as a strong and courageous character that has natural dignity. She stands out in the society. The way she dresses and carries herself makes her stand out. Despite being punished, she does not give up in her journey to achieve the best in life. She is a character who represents women in the modern society who are ready to fight for their rights. However, she has a character that deviates from society, which is the main reason why she is discriminated against. This is how modern women who try to deviate from rules and regulation guiding the society are handled.

“I have travelled a good deal in concord, and everywhere in shops, in office, and in fields, the inhabitants have appeared to me to be doing penance in a thousand remarkable ways”, Henry David Thoreau “Walden”

This quote by Henry David was used to show how townsmen had not done certain things in terms of their life. This is something he saw as impertinent, although to some people it may not appear so. It was meant to advise those people who thought that living in developed countries such as UK was that easy. The writer attests that after travelling in a concord, he has come to realize that life is not a smooth sail in these countries. It is a quote of comparing how other people have undertaken some laws of labor. There are the hard working and the lazy ones. In the area the writer is, the men have not achieved anything. It is a place where people sit and wait to be fed. He has interacted with young men who are waiting to inherit houses, farms, cattle, and the other thing as they think they are easier to get. This quote shows how men have become lazy that they no more want to work hard in order to earn a living.

By the time this quote was used, young men were misusing the inherited property. They were selling pieces of land. Some of them were born in rich families but go poor immediately. He advises them to live the life of a man. They should push life in order to achieve great success. In his journey, he has met a number of poor immortal souls struggling with life, some of them smothered under heavy loads. He argues that fate of man is not known. Both those who do well and those that engage in nefarious activities are destined to die and decompose. He shows a situation where men even in a free world are so occupied with ignorance and mistakes, which make them, reap nothing at the end of the day. He goes ahead to show how a hard working laborer toils, and his labor is not be appreciated. This is a case of colonialism. Maybe, this quote was meant to depict the injustice slaves were undergoing in the hands of British colonialists. He acknowledges that fact that some people are poor, not by will, but through circumstances. For this reason, he wrote the book to give them hope of a bright tomorrow. All they need is to stop engaging in penance activities and concentrate on working hard. This is the only way they can better their lives.