“Following the Notes” by Ehrhardt and “The Blue Bouquet” by Paz

The characters in the story of Pia Ehrhardt entitled Following the Notes consisted of several individuals who have different views of life and thus are moved to act upon situations based on such beliefs and thinking. The father, who appears to have strong concern about how his daughter turns out to be is presented as a round character. His thoughts and considerations about his daughter’s welfare change every now and then and yet he remains in the status of hoping that she would live a better life and choose the right decisions, like any father would ever hope for. Although he has some individual characteristics that might be somewhat odd, the story still highlights his personal concern for his daughter.  On the other end, Liddie’s actions render her as a round character as well. Responding to the situations she had to deal with especially in connection with her relation with her father and with her boyfriend as well. She views her father as someone who ‘controls’ her while she views her boyfriend who loves her dearly until he finally cheats on her. Both characters are also considered dynamic. Changing their attitude and reactions at every turn of event, these individuals show a sense of human response to changing life situations.

Characters who are considered both flat and static are that of the mother and Liddie’s boyfriend. The mother, although she was supposed to play a great role in the developmental growth of her daughter, stood to be at a very static position not necessarily getting involved in what her daughter does or decides upon. Instead, she remained settled in her own comfort zone drinking and just letting every day pass by. Quite similar in being selfish, the boyfriend also seems to be a background character who only manifests his being through his actions which merely involves cheating on Liddie. Nothing much is said about these characters as their being simply a support to the being of Liddie and her father.

The main character on the writing The Blue Bouquet involves a one-character narration that shows a constantly dynamic and round character as that narrator changes his perception about life from the beginning towards the end. Being involved in a almost deadly pain of his eyes being moved out from its socket, he realizes what is meant by the ‘criminal’ as he searches for blue eyes and harvesting them from the victims.

For this particular reading, I personally stuck with the main character of the Blue Bouquet. His less complicated view of life and the way it changed along the way as he meets with the harvester of blue eyes presents how he turns aside and looks through the more meaningful worth of life itself. He sees that concern for meaning that the harvester has about the way people see through the light. Relatively, it defines an obsession for truth and reality which speaks to the readers in a much deeper sense of understanding what is important to an individual.