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Friendships at Work: Establishing a More Positive Source of Work Improvement through Avoiding Conflicts Background

Every human relationship has its pros and cons. The way a person views the need to establish good relationships with others could affect him in either a positive or a negative manner depending on how he perceives the situation related to the said connection. At work, friendship is considered to be an up building relationship that requires attention and nourishment. Good friendships are expected to provide motivation and inspiration to human individuals. On the other end though, in the instance by which particular conflicts arise between friends, the said relationship becomes rather stressing. This is the reason why it is very important for administrators to see to it that their employees are given proper guidance in relation to how they should establish good relationships with their workmates.


Friend 1: Remember how I dreamt of the promotion that is hopefully to be opened within the managerial position?

Friend 2: Yeah… What about?

Friend 1: Well, here’s my chance. Mr. Smith’s retirement opened a chance for in-house recruitment as announced by the administration yesterday. Weren’t you listening during the meeting yesterday?

Friend 2: Oh yeah, I heard that… That would mean you would have to go head to head against my application then…

Friend 1: Well, may the best employee win …


  1. Is there a possibility that this particular conversation between close friends and workmates turn out to be positive?
  2. Could it in any way be a source of proper motivation for the two individuals wanting the same promotion in the administration?
  3. Could it be that this particular conversation be a source of stress? How could such stress between friends be altered?
  4. If in case one actually got the promotion, how should the two individuals deal with the end results of the decision of the administration with regards the said reward and accomplishment given to one of the two friends discussing about it?

Case Implications

Every situation has its pros and cons. In the sample provided, it could be realized that the perception of the individuals involved with regards the situation and the position that they take in relation to the promotion considered would have a great impact on how they are likely to be affected by the promotion. Being interested in the position, both individuals are in need of considering the need to improve the way they see their job while also setting aside this competition in relation to the way they nourish their relationship between each other. However the way the individuals see the situation would greatly affect both their position, their performance in the company and the way they treat and see each other as individuals and as friends.