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Geographical map description

Our group chose to work on map 3 where three primary trees stand as the main marker of the corners of the said mapping site. The said lane of trees continues towards the southern part of map 1 making them at least five tall trees in a single lane. Meanwhile, a light post that also has a continuation located on map 4 marks the lower right side corner of map 3. The student’s lounge located at the upper central section of map 3 has a continued figure on map 1, which is the end tail of the lounge. On the overall positioning of the campus map, the said element is central to the entire campus making a primary attraction in the campus.

The plant lane situated near the campus building is aligned from front to corner of the structure marking the garden section of the area which connects it to the student lounge where students usually spend time waiting for their scheduled hours of study periods in the campus. Surrounded by smaller shrubs, this area is most loved by students for refreshment and simple chats with their friends while waiting for the bell to ring. It is considered then to be an important part of the campus as it provides both relaxation and a time for refreshment for the students to rejuvenate their strength and concentration before they go back to their classes again.

As shown in the third map, the student’s lounge in an outdoor setting has been effectively placed in a proper location so as to allow it to become the primary destination of students who need more time to spend with their studies and/or friends before they actually got to their classes to complete the day.