Goal Statement

My career goal is to become an English literature graduate. I have been studying classic and modern literature for the past years and also written short stories myself. I would like to focus my studies on twentieth-century literature. I am keen on improving my writing and analytical skills through the course and develop as a 20th Century English literature major. I am particularly interested in the works of  Ernest Hemingway and the poetry of Ezra Pound.

I have previously participated in …. Essay Writing Contest which I won. I also was awarded a scholarship to All State College, however, at that time I was unable to take on the course. I believe that your college is able to support me on the way to become a writer and publish my own stories, through the teaching provided by your renowned professors and experts.

My career goal is to become an essay writer and work for various newspapers publishing about current issues as well as literature pieces. Eventually, I am hoping that my writing skills would allow me to publish my own work in the form of a book and achieve success through providing readers with new experiences. I currently write short fiction stories and personal essays, however, I have also gained knowledge about critical writing and scholarly article creation.

I understand that your college offers great resources for learning, hence it is very popular among students. I also know that hard work, determination and language skills are required from students who would like to complete the course. I believe that I possess all those skills and could fit in the strict criteria you set for acceptance.

Yours Faithfully