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Bioengineering Admission Essay

I have always been inquisitive for as long as I remember. I grew up in Iran where everyone is expected to show strong allegiance to traditions and conform to the beliefs enforced by the society. My critical thinking style meant I was never afraid to question ideas if I sensed a conflict with what I observed or studied. I wanted to understand the world the way it really works and not just accept emotionally-appealing explanations. Due to my thinking style, I started recognizing the biases prevalent in the society and how they get in the way of an objective analysis. I also had a strong awareness of the preferential treatment enjoyed by men and the opportunities available to them. I have always believed everyone should have equal access to opportunities and rights and not be punished for the reasons over which they have no control. In a sense, I had already embraced the western ideals of fairness and justice even before I came to America.

Fortunately, America met all of my expectations as well as exceeded them. America allowed me to not only engage in free thinking without the fear of any repercussions but also exposed me to the beauty of diversity in terms of cultures, races, languages, and religions etc. My interaction with people from different cultures has convinced me that the best prospects of world peace are not homogenous but diverse societies. When people live with those different from them, they become aware of inaccurate stereotypes, appreciate the beauty of other cultures, and recognize the fact that everyone benefits from harmonious relationships.

Being someone who has always been interested in the observable world, it is only natural that Bioengineering would catch my attention. Bioengineering is the bridge between engineering and life sciences. Nor only it helps me fulfill my curiosities but also provides me opportunities to improve the world. Science doesn’t only enable the society to progress but also helps improve the moral and ethical ideals in the society. This is because science not only helps us understand the difference between facts and opinions but also allow us to recognize the fact that many stereotypes are the product of times when education was less prevalent and mankind knowledge was quite limited as compared to current standards.

I want to do Bioengineering because my academic experience has convinced me that not only I enjoy it but will also excel in the field. I am excited by the potential of scientific progress in Bioengineering and Biotechnology due to technological advancements in the last few years and look forward to making my own contributions to the scientific knowledge. I am a believer in the power of knowledge because I have personally experienced how it expands your thinking horizon and is the best defense against the stereotypes and biased thinking. Science may seem unrelated to morality to some but I believe that science can play a huge role in improving the societal values and norms. This is why I want to become a university professor. This career path will allow me to pursue my research interests as well as transfer the knowledge to the future generations. I am fortunate to have come to the U.S. and benefit from the knowledge opportunities available here. This will also be a humble gesture of gratitude to the country that has embraced me.

I owe it to my education and my teachers/mentors that I have come this far and I want to inspire the same confidence in the future generations. I want to transfer my knowledge to others because I know my students will further push the boundaries of our accumulated scientific knowledge. My friends whom I have taught in America often told me I have a special ability to recognize learning styles preferred by different people which is why they like my teaching style. This world belongs to everyone and we cannot understand others if we only follow our own moral codes and apply our own standards on everyone. This is why I am going to teach for the rest of my life so that I can contribute towards creating a more tolerant and peaceful world.