Graduate Entrance Application

I have always lived by the motto that we never truly understand our real potential until we try. At the same time, I am also fortunate to have been helped by many people during difficult times. These experiences have helped me realize that society prospers when those with potential and resources are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate members of the society. This is why I want to pursue my Masters in Public Health so that I can be of service to some of the most vulnerable members of the society. I am also seeking a Masters in Public Health so that I could be a positive role model for my children. I want to prove that we and not our circumstances determine our eventual destiny in life. Not only I will be the first individual in my family to pursue a graduate degree but will also be able to prove skeptics wrong who are convinced that single mothers like me do not have what it takes to complete the graduate degree and have a successful career as a Healthcare Administrator. I am specifically interested in becoming a Healthcare Administrator in the Navy because I realize the program is challenging and will push me to do my best.

I believe education takes place both in and outside classrooms. This is why I have chosen this college because it doesn’t only have a world class faculty but also a smart student body with diverse work experiences which will help me expand my thinking horizon. I also like the program’s balanced approach to academic theories and real world applications. I regularly follow the news and trends in the healthcare sector and am aware of the fact that more and more healthcare organizations are adopting business practices from the corporate world to manage their limited resources more efficiently. I also hope to learn business concepts as well as soft skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork in the program. These knowledge and skills should enable me to make valuable contributions towards improving business models and achieving greater operating efficiencies at the organizations I may work for in the future.

I come from a first-generation, low-income Haitian family and have firsthand witnessed the issues faced by underrepresented populations such as no or inadequate access to safe, effective, and quality healthcare. I am also aware of the trend of aging population in developed countries like the U.S. and how the healthcare sector is still inadequately prepared to meet the needs of the aging population in the next few decades. When I decided to pursue a career in healthcare, my goal was not only to achieve career and financial security but also having access to opportunities that would help me make positive contributions towards the overall welfare of the society. This is also why I want to go to a school where I will meet people with experiences in a diverse range of cultures and industries so that I can gain insights into innovative and effective practices which work in third world countries. I eventually hope to join a healthcare organization that is not afraid to tackle some of the toughest health issues around the world.

I believe that the toughest solutions often require novel solutions because our world continues to become more complex due to globalization. This is why I read on a variety of subject matters including business, IT, healthcare, science, politics, and history to improve my creative problem solving skills. I hope a Masters degree in Healthcare at ABC University will equip me with the knowledge and skills to tackle the greatest healthcare issues and make this world a better place for every person.

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