Harward Business School: Statement of Purpose

I am interested in joining the PGPM Class of 2021, and I believe that enrolling in the program could enrich the experience of Harvard Business School. I completed my bachelor’s in computer engineering in June 2017 from the Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, with honors. My experience in computer science has provided me with the foundational skills that I need to excel in the business world, since awareness of computer technologies will enable me to build and use algorithms for financial models. The most meaningful way to contribute to the university and to the business world in general would be by developing innovative financial models that could be applied to the decision-making processes made by businesses, thereby improving profitability and reducing risk. As an individual with significant experience in computer science, I would be able to share some of this knowledge with my peers. Using and interpreting large-scale data could help businesses and employees comprehend the key variables that could be controlled to have a positive influence on the sustainability and growth of their organizations.

In the past, I have completed a range of projects that are demonstrative of my computational Skills. In May 2017, I designed a system for high school students that would incorporate machine learning, to serve as a supplement for the material that they have learned in the classroom. In particular, the system makes use of hybrid collaborative filtering to make these recommendations. In May 2016, I developed an online car parking reservation system, which makes it easier for people to reserve parking spaces based on their travel plans and availability. In addition, administrators are able to manage their business through the platform, allowing for an increased ease of access. In January 2016, I used Matlab to create a program that would warn drivers about traffic signs and additional hazards on the road to allow for safe driving. Ultimately, my computer technology skills could be applied directly to financial analysis, and many of the projects I have been involved with in the past could be marketed to individuals and organizations directly for sale.

During my involvement in my degree program, I was highly involved in the school community, and I plan on continuing my involvement as a student at the Harvard Business School. I was the editor of the monthly newsletter KnowILP at TCS-Gandhinagar, and I believe that it is important to encourage students to become aware of relevant subject and university specific events and knowledge. Furthermore, I was a volunteer for Step for Child Care Trust, which sought to provide assistance to underprivileged children. I would be interesting in working with my fellow students as well as the university to uncover innovative solutions for assisting this population in the future. Overall, I have an immense love for technology and the media, and my skills in these areas have the potential to contribute meaningfully to the Harvard community. I thank you for this opportunity and for considering my application. I am looking forward to the ability to attend Harvard Business School as a student, and to continue building upon my present skills.