Women and Gender Studies

Hockey for Masculine

Considerably, in Canada, hockey became a game of the masculine, aggressive and violent due to the exclusion of the lacrosse. Hockey, being a part of Canadian game tamed as natural, it originated from cultural context as per several specific reasons. According to the article, it is pertinent to note that the game of hockey grew in Canada due to the restrictions that saw to the cease of lacrosse. It is important to note that the restrictions of the lacrosse game paved way for the prominence of the hockey in the country.

According to William and mark, during the year 1920, it is noted that hockey had become a prominent sport simultaneous to the industrialization of the Canadian country. By that time, hockey game had grown to be a professional career, which was advantageous to the businesspersons who sold the game to the Canadians. During the era of hockey in 1930s, every Canadians were tuning to the radio just to get the clumsy of the national hockey league; this portrays the popularity of the game in the entire country. It follows that hockey grew faster in the sovereignty of the Canada because of the multitude support of the game by the Canadians.  It is pertinent to note that the game was geared up by the Canadian identity. Here, the Canadian identity, according to history was a representation of the male, heterosexual, Anglophone, middle –class and men who were able bodied. However, the above to some extent contradicts the idea of multi-culturalism by rearticulating and reifying a certain form of whiteness. Considerably concerning the article, hockey was a game that facilitated the cultural and social phenomena for construction that did follow broad cultural and social trends.  Therefore, it is pertinent to evaluate the fact that due to the masculinity and violent; hockey sport grew in the Canadian nation. Additionally, cultural influence on the game and the support from the fans made it more admirable. The above made the game to be admired by the entire country.