Women and Gender Studies

Homosexual Masculinities in Canada

Homosexual masculinities in Canada are the kinds of men that are once perceived as subordinates. As perceived, they were successful in achieving their masculinity and manhood, they were bound to be part of cultural dynamics, in which, the society allow them to be part of ‘normal’ group and operates the way female gender usually do in relationships between men and women. Some say that they are ‘culturally exalted’ which expressed that they are valuable, acceptable, dominant, and equate to the society. The relationship between masculinities and subordinates do not measure the equality of hegemony. Even though, the hegemonic heterosexual masculinity group has oppressed the homosexual men for devaluing manhood and dominating the ultrafemininity ways for the betterment of hegemony and complicity. Thus, these views of marginalization on homosexual men are of less of importance, and are of relegating to a secondary position and are of innocence of committing a crime. Therefore, marginalized, both groups with a background do not acquire an education on cultural difference, racialism, and sovereignty. In addition, this complements the idea of how homosexual black men of Canada have been intimidated through their socioeconomic class, power of success, and geographical location within dominant group and how Blacks of Canada are not able to mainstream their sovereign individuality, in despite of cultural differences with different socioeconomic class levels, they are dominating the society. An underestimating power between groups on dominating success in their careers has revealed that homosexual men intimidated the hegemonic heterosexual men by overpowering their character in power of success.