How To Make Yourself Date Bait

If you want to get asked out on a regular basis or if you are looking to ask that certain someone for a date, it’s vital that you understand the following Five Flavors of Fascination. think of these five pint as ingredients in a special kind of bait that is meant to catch members of the opposite sex. It is important to keep in mind that the five key elements discussed below are best used in unison. That is, they function best when each of the elements is in its proper place. The basis for each one of the five elements of attraction that are examined in the following discussion  are drawn from scientific study. This means, of course, that creating the kind of bait that attracts members of the opposite sex is a logical function even if dating and love often appear to be based completely on the irrational responses of emotions and libido. In order to get the best results from the following tips, it is necessary to understand the reasons why each component is an attractant and to not simply follow the advice blindly.

The first of the Five Flavors of Attraction is “Nearness.” The Nearness Principle means that it is always best to exploit proximity to people whom you are interested in dating. if you spend enough time in physical proximity to a person, that person’s opinion of you is statistically more likely to become favorable. In other words, the first step into making yourself into date Bait is to get out around people that you might be interested in  attracting. If there is a specific person you want to attract, try spending additional time in the presence. This is one of the most important steps in the guide because it is necessary to be around other people to establish any kind of potential attraction whatsoever.

The second of the Five Flavors of Attraction is called the “Double-Like.” This means that it is important for us to show how much we like people whom we are interested in potentially attracting. Scientific study has shown that people feel safer, and therefore more relaxed around people they know like and appreciate them. A greater degree of relaxation leads to an increased interest in and feeling for romantic activity. it is another highly important step in the guide because it is of utmost importance that you encourage those whom you  would like to attract to associate you with good feelings and a lack of stress or anxiety.

The third Flavor that is part of excellent date-bait is “Yes Feelings.” What is meant by this term is the exuding of optimistic and positive feelings. Science has shown that people are innately drawn toward those who radiate confidence and have a good attitude. By showing that you believe in yourself and in the world around you, feelings of safety and happiness are more likely to be associated with your presence. In order to make the other, previously mentioned, ingredients function correctly, this ingredient must be constantly in play.  Negative personality traits function as buffers between people; positivism encourages sociality.

Number four in the Five Flavors of Attraction is “Mirroring.” This means that sociological studies have shown that people tend to like other people who are similar to themselves. therefore, it is important to show similar interests and attitudes to the people you want to attract. If you are in proximity to them, showing that you like them, keeping a positive attitude and  connecting to them due to shared interests and tendencies, than you are making solid progress toward becoming wildly attractive to the targeted group or individual.

The final ingredient of the Five Flavors of Attraction is called “Gifting.” This aspect of attractiveness is based on the fact that people are biologically more attracted to those from whom they believe they can gain rewards. To this end, it is highly important to show rewards such as smiling, small gestures of physical affection, and the giving of your undivided attention to someone you might like to attract. The reason that Gifting is so important is because, like positivism and mirroring, Gifting allows the target of your hoped-for affection to associate you with good feelings. By making yourself a source of pleasure and anticipation you have truly become date-bait that will land the one you love.