Impressionist artists

Gustave Caillebotte

He is known to be great painter and a generous impressionist movement leader. Most of his work in particular the “the floor scrapers” were highly appreciated. Caillebotte did his painting in a more realistic way as compared to other impressionist. His work is seen in views of Paris streets (high balconies), scenes of working life, natural landscapes of gardens and parks. Caillebotte brings originality to his city scene through the careful exaggeration of angles, changing of figures by addition of some parts and elimination of some parts.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet is a famous painter in the history of art and leading figure in the impressionist movement. Most of his works is seen in buildings such as museums. Japanese-style Bridge over the pond was majorly Claude Monet’s subject of various works.

Auguste Renoir

Renoir is a known artist whose work impressed majority. Renoir was known to have painted much more informal works, as compared with early works (traditional) difference between sketch and completed paintings was being eliminated. Renoir painted on materials such as canvas. The artistic use of color brought difference with the ones done earlier. He has increased the overall looks of the work (brightness of the work) by the use of color, for instance the use of colors (red and green in painting of boats. 

Edouard Manet and Claude Monet

As Edouard Manet one of my artistic painting contribution is ‘the railway’ it is one of important and fascinating paintings. My painting discusses the creator, and reveals the creator, whose depiction of modern life majorly affects other artists. It also examines the place of the painting in relation to the high rate of the changes undertaking in the city of Paris. My work is attractive and fascinating. It comprise of a scene of a lady with a young girl who looks down with a lot of excitement on to a newly created railway lines in 19th century in Paris. Looking at the young girl, the smoke of a passing train attracted her view, this shows that the painting is attractive and aid in attracting most people’s eyes. My work majorly compel a number of people, the figures used which is little girl who was the daughter of Manets neighbor and the woman who posed for Manet’s sensational pictures. The fact that is pictured in the garden behind Hirsch’s apartment house, which is tall and iron fenced, is a plus over other impressionist artists. The creativity in my work also distinguishes it from others works.

As Claude Monet my attempt to change my location from countryside to urban landscape has boosted my work and enabled me to come up with excellent work that have attracted majority of subjects’ have managed to diversify my sources of inspiration and this has aided my works consideration as a painter of modern life. I am pleased to point out that, my attempt to ask for permission to work in Gare Saint-Lazare has marked my boundary on the other side. It played as an important setting which led to changing of light, movement of clouds of steam and a radically modern motif. Paintings of different viewpoints make my work the best as compared to other artists. Effects of color and light are of major concern.