Incident for Discussion Stacee Laboratories

I believe Millie Tasha was right. She mentioned several aspects that require rectification in the Laboratory. According to her the lab scientists could not provide contact between toxicity as well as efficacy testing groups. They did not any form of contact until completion. This therefore means that there could not be any form of drug tests in between. This caused long delays since testing groups were often occupied doing other matters. This therefore meant that the tests could not be handled promptly. New drug projects need to be well planned as well as enhanced. Lack of organizational policies can distort sales, marketing as well as keeping time which is important in drug stores and drug creation. In future the laboratory must encourage different forms of efficacy testing groups in between.  This will lower the delays and the time wasted. Planning is also important.

Planning will help to cut the time and the cost required for these important drug research projects. Planning in advance involves coming up with integrated teams that are made up of representatives. These should play a major role in the planning and organizing sector. The planning and organization will greatly assist in saving time as well as being more organized.

If Stacee Pharmaceutical goes ahead with reorganizing the lab projects changing from the old ways will be hard. After several interviews with senior representatives from the parent firm as well as lab researchers, Mrs. Tasha came up with several findings on how the lab tests are done and several other issues that are in the firm. One of the potential problems is the fact of their continual delay. This is a firm that is used to completing all the processes before performing any drug tests. These long delay problems will be accompanied by less prompt handling of tests, which is not in any way advisable for the lab scientists.

Another potential problem is on costs. If they are allowed to carry out the reorganization then the same problems of time keeping and costs will still be experienced. This therefore means that involving Ms. Tasha or other analysts in the reorganizing process can aid in a successful form of reorganizing lab results. Personally, dealing with them will involve making significant cuts in both the cost and time involved. The drug research projects must be allocated a specific fast time without in any way interfering with several other projects. Personally another solution will involve inquiring from the lab scientists and consulting with them on the possible ways of drug testing in between the sessions. This is in order to reduce time wastage. A reduction of time wastage will enhance the drug projects and even fasten the processes involved.

Scope creep is often found in project management. This entails uncontrolled changes or specific continuous growth in a specific project’s scope. Scope creep can be a problem with integrated teams. Controlling these teams is important. This can be done by taking them through the need to improve the way of doing things in the pharmaceutical firm. Changes in the way of handling drug tests as well as cost and time keeping are important. Evidently, it is important for new integrated teams who will provide solutions to be integrated. This is essential in ensuring that success is guaranteed in all the steps adopted by project managers.