Individual Energy Entrepreneurship Paper

Case: Investing in the Energy Sector

Concerns and Problems:

In the aspect of investing in the energy sector, several environmental issues should be considered. Given that the energy industry is able to provide as much power that the community needs, it is essential that the resources the industry uses be fully observed. This particular situation calls for proper research that the investor needs to manage. Getting the needed information is important in this course as it will define the decision that the investor would make. It could be identified that particular elements that should be included in this research adds up to the proper definition of resources and the level of environmental pressure it imposes on the current resources being exposed for the production of energy.

In this case, it is important to note that the resources of the environment need to be fully managed properly. This particular data could be garnered from energy regulation industries including the Department of Energy or DOE. This agency provides a great source of information that supports the condition of distinctively regulating resources and the finances used to explore the different possibilities that might improve the need of getting energy resources. The department provides a list of organizations enjoined in the industry that could likely serve as the investor’s basis on understanding what needs to be considered and which organization could best provide what he needs in terms of profit returns.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC on the other end partners with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation or NERC to make sure that the distribution of bulk energy is handled effectively hence providing the most members of the community with the energy they need. Such balanced distribution is needed to make sure that the resources used for energy development and production is properly utilized with the reduced possibility of exposing too many resources that could be wasted in the end.

Resolutions to Issues to Handle:

While reliance on the reports of government agencies’ reports might prove to be specifically helpful in the process of deciding in what specific organization to invest upon, it is essential to undergo personal research as well. This should specifically be focused on the possibility of exposing renewable resources of energy. Given the environmental concerns that the government is specifically interested in at present, it could be realized that it is essential to know the resources being explored by scientists and experts at present.

Being able to support the researches that define the proper assumption of environmental protection related to energy production management could give the investors a good sense of understanding on what organizations actually adhere to the rules and policies of the government. In the industry of energy production, it is essential to know  how the organizations function according to the rules and the policies of the government in line with the desire to protect the environment. It is only through this particular process that investors would be able to gauge whether or not an organization would be supported fully by the government thus ensuring its position in the industry.

Relatively, such information would also provide a good source of indication that entails an organization’s recognition of its social responsibility. Being able to respond to such rile in the community provides a particular business the edge in being recognized and supported by the government. This on the other end would ensure the investor of a long time loyalty-defined relationship that could be established with good connection to the campaign towards better condition of management and operation in the industry.

Unavoidable Circumstances:

Amidst all the different courses of effort-defined situations that the experts embrace to make sure that energy production would be less hazardous to the people, it could be realized that there are certain unavoidable circumstances with regards the said issue. Notably, being able to manage around the said situations of pressure would help investors find a way to support the needs and the demands of those affected by the said situation. One way of doing so is funding for the research of organizations pursuing the desire to develop renewable resources of energy. Not only will this implicate the investors’ support on the campaign towards a cleaner energy production process, it would also help in actually developing the conditions that might improve the manner of producing energy in the future.

Supporting programs that develop environmental protection campaigns could also help define the reputation of the individual concerned. Such aspect of support could provide the people with the needed assurance that their concerns are being given attention to and their welfare is being fully considered by organizations aiming to profit from the process of energy production. True, while the industry of energy production could be considered relatively profitable, it is also is engaged in several points of ethical and environmental issues. This is the reason why getting into it and becoming engaged in it subjects an investor into giving attention to several concerns that might not only define his capacity to earn from the industry, but could also create a new definition of who he really is. Giving concern to what is best for the environment and the human society is then considered as one of the key elements that makes the investment in this particular industry worthwhile.


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