Information desk

The position of an information desk in the organization entails responding to questions and giving the needed information to the members of the public. As an information desk, all information pertaining to the activities that are executed in the organization must be given to the people entering the company where and when necessary. Performing the duties of information desk requires tools including a desktop computer or a laptop, photocopier, a switchboard and a telephone system comprising of several lines. The position also requires competence in the application of a number of programs that include Microsoft publisher, Office, Word and Outlook and bookkeeping software.

The working station of an information desk staff is extremely visible to the visitors. Therefore, the firsthand impression of the company is reserved in information desk worker. This is therefore a position that requires a person with good virtues and attributes that will create a constructive impression of the organization to any visitor. The work station of the information desk should be kept extremely tidy, well-lit and organized.

When a visitor comes to the organization, the first person to interact with is the information desk. Therefore, the organization considers this position s being extremely sensitive and therefore impressive attributes are expected from the person entrusted with this position. These attributes include calmness, professional demeanor as well as being courteous even if the behavior of the visitor is inappropriate. The holder of this position is also expected to show qualities such as attentiveness, a high degree of loyalty, maturity, dependability, exhibit respect of discretion as well as confidentiality and have positive attitude. The interaction with diverse visitors may render the job of information desk to be stressful and speedy performance of multiple tasks and therefore a high echelon of diligence is also a requirement.