Innovation: Understanding the Ideas of Rogers in Diffusion of Innovations

Considering living in a modern society, innovation has become a more of a culture than a system of advancement. It could be observed that in the description of innovation by Rogers, the book instantiates that innovation is a matter that retains the life of the modern society. What makes the modern society as it is, is the readiness it has towards development. The thinking process of humans towards modern living as described through the principles of innovation is geared towards change and improvement. With this particular condition of thinking, human individuals become specifically concentrated on the process by which several elements in the society are developed towards more than just what they are expected to do.

For instance, communication is one element in the society that remains as a strong glue between human individuals around the globe. As of the present years, it is also utilized as one of the most effective tools of innovation that defines the development and creation of several other gadgets that improve the process of communication between individuals in different locations and regions around the globe. Relatively, it could be analyzed that from telephones to handheld phones, it seemed that the improvement has already reached its peak. However, innovation gave birth to more than just the source of better communication, instead, it has been amused to take on the innovation that computer science is taking into account and mash up both advancements hence giving birth to handheld computers that are now out in the market making top sales releases in different markets all over the globe. As a culture, innovation has become a source of competence that the world is gearing toward the future. Relatively, it could be realized that somehow, the process of development diffused by innovation specifically creates a strong sense of improvement that cannot be kept in a box, instead, should be released, developed and strongly improved for the sake of the society’s success.