Insight from an Independent Broker

Real estate is a field that many people are venturing into in their day-to-day encounters. Some enlist to buy, sell or even add value to the property to maximize the benefit from it. I had a chance to talk to an independent broker, who informed me that he mainly dealt with long-term investment and holding of property since he found it more profitable.

The realtor focuses mainly on properties that are good on cash flow and those that have a good appreciation rate. Properties that are good in cash flow tend to bring in positive net return when all costs have been deducted. On the other hand, properties that have a good appreciation rate are those which register a positive margin between the original acquisition fee and the final transaction fee.

When looking for real estate agents, there are various factors to be considered to not only better the customer experience but to also close the sale in the shortest time possible. They include, the experience of the agent, conversant with the market, does the agent possess the relevant skills needed for the job, is he/she attentive to details, can he work during hours when the client is available, does he have resources and contacts that are convenient to the client and lastly, is he reliable and honest.

There are various issues that clients experience when dealing with agents. Some agents fail to advertise the property adequately, some are out of reach as soon as they list a property, some delay closing of the sale and lastly, some agents list a property and go hunting for the next property leaving the acquired and already listed properties un-attended.

In my view, appreciation real estate investment is ideal since the continuous inflation allows the property to bring in more income over time.