Interview about eating habits

A female friend named CJ offered information regarding her regular eating habits. She addressed the importance of variety in her diet and that she was trying to become healthier and wanted to learn about nutritional food choices. Currently, she believes that she drinks too much soda and eats too many sweets and not enough fruits and vegetables. She rarely eats red meat but does consume chicken, pork, and fish. She stated that she would like to lose around 25 pounds to reach her ideal goal weight and become more active on a regular basis. She currently walks 2 miles per day 2-3 days per week. In order to accomplish these objectives, she must consume foods with lower calories and fat and greater nutritional value on a daily basis and expand her exercise routine.

The proposed food log for a single day would be as follows:


½ cup oatmeal sweetened with stevia and cinnamon

2 egg whites with 1 tbsp. reduced fat cheddar cheese

1-6 oz. container of nonfat vanilla greek yogurt

Morning Snack

1 medium banana


2 cups green leaf lettuce

1 diced Persian cucumber

1 tbsp reduced fat cheddar cheese

¼ cup edamame

2 tbsp. reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Afternoon snack

1 package raw almonds (around 15 almonds)


1-5oz. boneless skinless chicken breast marinated in fat free Italian dressing

½ cup brown rice with seasonings

1 cup broccoli

Evening Snack

Small fruit salad

Beverages: coffee with skim milk and stevia, water, unsweetened iced tea

Daily food log

Activity level: intermittent sitting and standing throughout the day and 2.5 mile evening walk

Food Analysis for Sample Current Menu

Based upon the information provided in the sample menu for CJ’s current eating habits, she should reduce her level of fat and carbohydrate intake because much of the latter is in the form of foods with a high starch content, which is not an effective choice when attempting to lose weight. Therefore, she must consider other alternatives that will provide her with a similar number of calories but that will also provide her with a more comprehensive nutrient base for consumption.

The healthier food menu is comprised of the following nutritional data:

This diet is very similar in calories to CJ’s original diet but it has lower levels of carbohydrates and fats and a higher level of protein, which are much better indicators of possible weight loss at a gradual pace. This diet plan should serve as a guide in enabling CJ to lead a healthier lifestyle; however, she must also consume the appropriate amounts of physical activity to boost her endurance, strength, and metabolism. Therefore, she must consider walking at least 3 miles per day 4 days per week, plus participating in some form of strength training, such as weights, crunches, and squats 2-3 days per week. With these options in mind, it is likely that CJ will experience greater health benefits and will be provided with the tools that are necessary to establish a successful journey towards her weight loss goals and objectives.