Job Evaluation


  1. Introduction
  2. Human resources professionals play a role in job evaluation processes
  3. It is important to do this in a manner that provides maximal benefit to the firm (Choudhary, 2016)
  4. To demonstrate the value of job evaluation and its practical use by human resources professionals, this topic will be described, court cases will be used to illustrate the relevance of the topic to human resources, and a description of how these examples influence human resources management will be provide

  1. Human Resources Management and Job Evaluation
  2. Discussion and application of point method, factor comparison, job classification, and job ranking
  3. Court Cases and Employee Job Evaluation
  4. Case 1: Yovino v Rizo = Wage gaps that are present for female workers on the basis of their gender (Paquette, 2018)
  5. according to the text of the argument “The question before us is also simple: can an employer justify a wage differential between male and female employees by            relying on prior salary? Based on the text, history, and purpose of the Equal Pay         Act, the answer is clear: No” (Paquette, 2018)
  6. Case 2: Heidi Johnston v. U.S. Bank National Association = Johnston was promoted but did not get a raise associated with this like her male colleagues before her did in the past
  7. Conclusion
  8. It is important for human resources professionals within organizations to determine which of these methods would be the most effective for them in practice
  9. The two Supreme Court Cases demonstrated that equality will be upheld by the law, and if an organization discriminates against someone in terms of pay, they may be responsible for compensating them for lost wages


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